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Pay to Boost your Brand

Word-of-mouth can be bought. Leverage the influence of entertainment to boost your brand.


Here’s how it works.

  1. Find entertainment creator(s)
  2. Make an offer on their listing
  3. Once they agree, start collaborating
  4. Repeat

Start Collaborating

We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step. After an entertainment creator accepts your offer, here’s what happens:

    1. Fund Project.
      These funds will be held by a neutral party until your project is ‘Marked Project Complete’ by both the entertainment creator and you (the advertiser).
    2. Tasks.
      Assign tasks to the project: schedule review meetings, file sharing, requirements, final deliverables, reimburse product purchase, review comments, etc. Learn more.
    3. Mark Project Complete.
      When you both have completed the tasks, simply mark the project complete and funds will be released to the entertainment creator.

Simple as that!


ShortList your Favorites

Tap the ♥ button on their page…save for later.

HOW-TO • Advertiser

Make an Offer: What to do if You’re New

Learn about HOLLYFY’s transaction process, how to make an offer, confirm your integration, complete transactions with a Creator, and more.

HOW-TO • Advertiser

When you’ll Pay for a Transaction

Only pay when and if the creator accepts your offer. 


Creator Reliability Standards

Standards for Creators including more about accuracy, schedules, and communication.

SMBs (Small-Medium sized businesses), check out our SMB program for additional help.

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