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How Pricing Works

Here’s how creators typically set pricing for their listings. Estimating fair market value often includes:

  • Reach
  • Context
  • Audience size & location
  • Demographics
  • Impact.

Consider the context of the brand integration (eg/ prominence, screentime, context, how brand is used, etc.).

Better to Provide Pricing

Estimated prices are good. You’ll get more engagement and can always negotiate the exact amount later. You can also choose ‘Do not list price. Contact agent’ if you do not wish to show pricing. However, this lessens the amount of engagement a listing usually receives.

Pro-Tip. Dealflow increases when an approximate price is visible. Similar to purchasing real estate, the final amount can be negotiated. Providing a number helps people understand the general parameters of what you expect before they spend time engaging.

Structure a model that works for your collaboration.

HOW-TO • General

Creating a Showcase Page

Your brand is represented by a Showcase Page. Basic information like Brand Name, short description, official links, type of brand, images, and listings.

HOW-TO • General

Add or Edit Photos

Learn how to upload a few high resolution photos to attract collaborators.

HOW-TO • Creator

Send Proposal

You’ve found an advertiser with the right brand for your content—now, let’s send a proposal & get things started!

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