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Collaboration Platform for Advertisers & Content Creators

Media buying/selling platform for advertisers and content creators of ALL SIZES—SMBs to Fortune 500s—use HOLLYFY to collaborate on brand integrations, influencer marketing, product placement, sponsorships, content creation, and branded entertainment partnerships.

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Dashboard & Search

Smart features

Smart Dashboard

Matches, offers / proposals, tasks, search, account optimizations, and more. How to use your dashboard for important next steps.


Matches to your listings and showcase page are located on your dashboard and at the bottom of your showcase page.

Search Pages

Search for advertisers or content creators by their showcase page. ShortList the ones you’re interested in working with.

Premium Search

Search mega & macro influencers on Instagram, YouTube & TikTok. ShortList (aka Like) their page to invite them to work with you.


Mark project complete to release funds

Offers / Proposals

Incoming offers / proposals are visible on your dashboard. Dive deeper into your Showcase Page transactions for more.


Projects are actions required to complete a transaction. When project is ‘Marked as Complete’ funds are released.

Escrow Enabled Transactions

Funds held until both parties ‘Mark Project Complete’. Then released into creators wallet.


Manage tasks to complete a transaction: deliverables, due dates, files, reviews, and more.

Mark Project Complete

When both parties agree they’ve met the terms of project, ‘Mark as Complete‘ to release funds.

Showcase Page

Represent your content, production or brand


Images representing your content or brand. Official links. Description. Quick access of relevant information.


Define your target audience and audience demographics. This assists the matching algorithms and aligns you with partners.


Optimize listings for the types of content creators or products / locations / services you’d like to collaborate with.


Tap the ‘heart’ icon to ShortList pages you want quick access to a later time. This also improves your content matching.


Offers, proposals, in-progress and completed. Track the status of new and active projects. Understanding transactions.

Offers / Proposals

View inbound offers / proposals from your page’s transactions section. Approve to start a transaction.

In-Progress Status

Track the tasks to complete an integration from your page’s transaction section. In-Progress status moves you forward.

Page Prestige

Widget analyzes your page and recommends improvements. Increase your ranking by completing prestige steps.

Account Settings

Configure your preferences

Digital Wallet

Completed projects will deposit funds into your digital wallet. Use funds for other projects or withdraw to your bank.


User profiles establish credibility and account security. Represent yourself authentically. Keep your account secure.


Stay on-top-of account changes, offers, proposals, status updates, tasks, and other modifications with notifications.


Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of account security. Go to your Account Settings / Security. 

Managed Service

Tell us your goals, timeline, and target audience… we’ll implement solutions.

"Decentralize Media, Marketing and Entertainment."

Machine Learning

Predictive probability algorithms match your Showcase Page & Listings with potential partners to expedite your objectives. Machine learning in media.


Advanced, intuitive system controls transform marketing and entertainment productions. Simplify brand awareness goals and amplify growth. Decentralize the media industry.

Attention Economy

Most inclusive creator economy platform ever built. HOLLYFY processes millions of data points matching numerous content creators and advertisers weekly.

Digital Advertising Services

SEM/PPC, social media, email CRM, ad campaigns & more.

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Help Center

Our help center puts controls at your finger tips with detailed articles, helpful advice, tips, resources, and relevant information about your account, showcase page, listings, transactions, wallet, and more.

Help Center

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