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Connecting brands, influencers & entertainment productions.

Companies and content creators of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s—use HOLLYFY’s software to manage media, marketing, production, payouts, and coordinate branded entertainment partnerships. Marketing software features for the future. 

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Branded Entertainment platform

Get brands inside entertainment scenes.

New dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard

Track Offers, Tasks, Proposals & More.

Work smarter not harder. Dashboard keeps you informed on immediate tasks, offers and more.

  • View Offers & Proposals
  • Get Suggested Opportunites
  • Quick link 
  • Track tasks to complete partnerships
  • Recent searches
  • Optimize account recommendations

Transaction Processing

Payment Processing for Peer-to-Peer Deals

Payment Processing and smart contracts enable you to buy or sell brand integrations directly inside the app.

  • Make offers on listings
  • Accept or Decline offers
  • Secure multi-stage validation
Transaction processing
buy-sell listings

Buy or Sell Listings

Make Offers or Proposals on Listings.

Buy an integration from an entertainment’s listing. Send a proposal to a brand’s listing. Simply go to a user’s listing and make an offer or a proposal.

  • Sell brand integrations
  • Buy brand integrations
  • Convert to tasks
  • Secure payment processing

More listings, More Opportunities

Amplify brand awareness! Branded entertainment for the 21st century.

Powerful AI

Machine learning matches listings of potential partners. Get matched, make offers, approve deals and even make proposals. 


Growth Multiplier

21st century powerhouse platform that transforms marketing and entertainment production. Welcome to the digitally ready brand integration marketplace.

Made by Industry Experts

HOLLYFY is built by industry veterans with deep knowledge of banking, marketing, technology and entertainment productions.

Manage Tasks

Task Management

Complete Integrations with Ease

Complete tasks directly from your dashboard or showcase page. When both parties agree to a partnership, deal is converted into simple tasks for both parties to complete.

  • Get notified of next task
  • Complete tasks
  • Release funds

Page Prestige

Improve the quality of your page

Widget analyzes your showcase page to determine how well your content ranks. Based on the information you’ve provided, widget will recommend next steps to improve your ranking. Tap on the ‘Go’ button to complete the specified next step.

    Page prestige widget
    Direct Message

    Direct Messaging

    No need for connections

    Reach out to discuss partnerships directly without the need to make a connection. This increases speed of potential transactions and optimizes deal flow tasks. User’s may still access privacy settings if they would like to enable ‘connections’ prior to allowing messaging.

      "Next Generation Business Transformation for Media, Marketing and Entertainment."

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