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Product placement inside video games has long tail benefits on brand awareness and sales.

Brand Affinity

Reach attentive gamers to give your brand clout and amplify brand affinity and word-of-mouth marketing. This is just on of the video game benefits.

Brand Relevance

The more games you have promoting your brand, the better chance you have of increasing your relevance within your target audience.


Gamers trust games. When deciding what products to purchase, consumers will often default to what they know and what they’ve seen.

Brand Perception

Modify and harness brand perception by promoting features and benefits of your brand in a new space.

Talk Value

Boost word-of-mouth. Integrating your brand inside video games gives people something to talk about.

Purchase Intent

Use your video game brand integration in other traditional advertising campaigns as a point of difference in the marketplace.

Step-By-Step Guide

Launch a page with listings
Sign up - get started
Step 1:

Sign Up

Create an account on the HOLLYFY platform to get started.

Advertisers Showcase Page
Step 2:

Launch a Showcase Page

Since this page will showcase your brand to the community, you’ll want to add your brand’s logo, brand name, basic info and more.

Create video game listing
Step 3:

Create a Listing

A listing explains what type of partnership you’re interested in. Want to get your brand into a video game? Create a listing that explains that.

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Search ShortList video games
Step 4:

Start Connecting with Video Games

Once you’ve launched your page with a listing geared towards video games, we’ll start matching you with video games on the platform. When you see one you like, you can get the partnership started!

For more info about creating a page and listings, go to the Setup Guide.

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Video Game Genres

Select genres of video games that appeal to your target market.

Select genres of video games that appeal to your target market.

Racing Genre

Racing video games cover a wide gamut of driving games from cartoon like racers to ultra-realistic driving. Racing video games are the cheapest way for enthusiasts young and old to get behind the wheel of their dream cars and build a virtual collections. Driving can be on track courses, off-road, street racing, motorcycles, and more.

Brand integrations: Sports cars, off-road trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, auto parts, tires, logo decals, energy drinks, storefronts, billboards.

Examples: Gran Turismo, Forza, Need for Speed, Mario Cart, Overpass, Wreckfest, European Truck Racing…

Sports Genre

Sports video games encompass a wide-range of athletic prowess with large amounts of players. Athletes range from basketball, skateboarding, baseball, American football, soccer, hockey, golf, wrestling, volleyball, bowling…the list goes on. Players get to experience the abilities of the favorite athletes and teams. 

Brand integrations: Athletic shoes, apparel, sporting equipment, headphones, logo decals, energy drinks, beverages, billboards…

Examples: FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA 2K, MLB, WWE, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater…

Shooter Genre

Shooter games have grown exponentially lately with online multiplayer battle royale tournaments and vast world’s. This genre often favors hyper realism and includes emotes and player leagues. Whether first-person or third-person, shooter games are action-packed massive worlds with a lot of opportunities for brand integrations.

Brand integrations: Weapons, apparel, electronics, headphones, outdoor gear, logo decals, beverages, storefronts, billboards…

Examples: Fortnite, PUBG, Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Titanfall…

Role-Playing Genre

In RPGs, a player controls the actions of a character in a well-defined fantasy or science fiction universe. Players can often do things that are not possible in real life. The aim is usually for the player to complete a series of quests to reach the conclusion of a central storyline. In these environments, character development occurs through narrative elements and storytelling. Most RPGs include comprehensive 3D experiences.

Brand integrations: Apparel, electronics, beverages, sci-fi gear, logo decals, storefronts, billboards…

Examples: Destiny, Final Fantasy, Fallout, World of Warcraft, The Witcher, Star Wars, Cyberpunk…

Fighting Genre

Fighting game genre is typically close combat between a limited number of characters, on a stage where the boundaries are fixed. This allows for intense action, focused attention and fast gameplay. The characters fight each other until they defeat their opponents or the time expires.

Brand integrations: Apparel, beverages, snack food, candy, logo decals, billboards…

Examples: Mortal Combat, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., Tekken…

Dance Genre

Burn calories, stay fit, and enjoy a fun workout all while having a blast with your favorite songs. Dancing video game genre is a fun way to combine music, video game characters and dance moves all with competitive point ranking. 

Brand integrations: Candy, beverages, snack food, apparel, logo decals, billboards…

Examples: Just Dance (so many versions depending on your favorite music), Persona,…

Simulation Genre

Beyond a very broad definitionsimulation games are typically simulated environments constructed and evolved by the player. This encompasses a wide range of environments including creating civilizations, city building, business simulators, lifestyle simulators, and more.

Brand integrations: Storefronts, building supplies, equipment, finance, B2B, logo decals, billboards…

Examples: The Sims, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Tropico series, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Flight Simulator, Farming Simulator…

Adventure Genre

Adventure games have been the most story-driven computer game genre for almost 40 years. The player assumes the role of a protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and puzzle-solving. This provides scenery changes, character evolution, and a myriad of opportunities for in-game brand integrations.

Brand integrations: Apparel, gear, gadgets, electronics, beverages, apps, logo decals, storefronts, billboards…

Examples: Minecraft, Dying Light, Resident Evil, Grand Theft, Far Cry,…

Product Placement in Video Games

Connecting with new video game creators has never been easier. Machine learning matchmaking helps align relevant advertisers with relevant video game creators. It all starts by creating a showcase page for your brand on HOLLYFY. In your page are the key attributes to help you meet your marketing goals: Overview, Listings & Target Audience. You can also search for entertainment opportunities, ShortList your favorites and get served up recommendations.

In addition to our smart, self-service platform you can also choose concierge service to have a personal assistant reach out to game creators and other entertainment creators not currently on HOLLYFY. We’re making marketing, media and entertainment production easier than ever.

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upcoming video games
Popular video game studios work with brand marketers. Activision. Blizzard. Rockstar. Ubisoft. EA Sports. Nintendo. Electronic Arts. Riot. Square Enix. Infinity Ward. Epic Games. Fortnite. Minecraft. Treyarch. Valve. Bungie. Pokemon.

How Video Games Integrate Brands

Inside Scenes

From featuring products in storylines, characters in restaurants, wearing apparel or showcasing electronics… video games increase word-of-mouth and boost sales amongst players. This all starts by creating a simple, yet powerful listing.

Featured in Storyline

Storyline integration is weaving a brand’s message into the game plot or narrative. Brand is often integral to the story.

Mention Brand Name

Character dialogue mentions brand name inside the gameplay is an easy way to gain brand relevance.

Amplify on Social

Social media amplification on partners feed helps garner more views and generates traffic for both the brand and the creator.

Visual of Product

Rendering of products, apparel, and objects into scenes provides players with a heightened sense of realism.


On-screen signage can be a poster, billboard, mural or vending machine with brand identity and message.


Partnerships inside and outside of video games can amplify marketing and cross promotion in other traditional media.

Benefits of Video Games

Marketing to Attentive Gamers

Get Matched

Video Games Relevant to your Brand

Machine learning helps align your brand with new video game developers and other entertainment productions who want to feature your product, storefront, location, service, etc inside their content. This helps your brand fit seamlessly into the storyline.
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Brand integration in Video Games

Amplifies Brand Relevance

HOLLYFY is built to be the next-generation marketing and media solution for companies of all sizes.

Everyone can now find, be found and connect with upcoming video game creators and other entertainment creators who are ready to feature your brand in front of their audiences. You no longer need outside agencies. You can just get started. It’s easy.

In-Game Advertising
How to Start
Create page (brand)
Launch a Showcase Page

Attract content creators.


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Create listing (brand)
Create Listings

Select entertainment types.


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matching algorithms
Matching Algorithms

Simplify discovery of relevant partners.


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Product Placement in Videos Games

Connecting with video game creators is easier than ever. Simply follow these helpful hints to make the most out of your HOLLYFY experience.

1) Login weekly to your HOLLYFY account.

2) Keep your listings up-to-date.

3) ShortList (favorite) video games and entertainment productions.


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Marketers & advertisers in numerous industry verticals find branded entertainment a net benefit to drive sales.

Budget range on listings?

Budget range is important.

This helps creators map their audience size/demographics to your marketing goals.

The budget and amount you spend on your integration is completely up to you. To help you decide, use audience size, engagement metrics and demographics to rationalize fair pricing. (eg/ demographics + engagement + size = more budget).

Think of it like buying a house.

Understanding basic budget parameters leads to reaching objectives faster.

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Membership settings (in Account Settings).

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What is required?

We ask everyone who uses HOLLYFY for a few pieces of information before they collaborate. This info ensures both parties know who they're working with, and how to contact each other.

• Profile info
• Email
• Showcase Page with Listings
• Agreement to Terms-of-Use

Suggested (recommended)
• Two-factor authentication
• Phone
• Payment methods
• Profile picture

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