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Basic Plan



Key features without breaking the bank—ideal for individual projects.

Professional Plan


USD / month
$300 billed annually*

Take your team’s collaboration to the next level for growth.

Enterprise Plan


USD / month
$1,500 billed annually*

Business-wide cross-collaboration features to scale rapidly.

Basic Plan



Key features without breaking the bank—ideal for individual projects.

Professional Plan


USD / month
$30 billed monthly*

Take your team’s collaboration to the next level for growth.

Enterprise Plan


USD / month
$150 billed monthly*

Business-wide cross-collaboration features to scale rapidly.

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Basic Professional Enterprise
Team / Users 1 3 10
Team Management No Yes Yes
Inbound Proposals Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Outbound Proposals 5/month 25/month 100/month
Showcase Pages 1 active 5 active 100 active
Listings per Page 5 active 20 active 30 active
Direct Messages 0 5/month 30/month
Premium Access No No Yes
Customer Support Basic Elevated Premium
Monthly* $0 $30 $150
Annually* $0 $300 $1,500
Cancel Anytime Yes Yes Yes

*Renewal: Automatic


Lock-In your rate TODAY!

Keep your rate even if prices increase. We continue to add new features, upgrades, unlocks, performance, speed, and tech advancements. Even when pricing plans increase for new users, your grandfather clause will retain your membership price. New features … your price stays the same. 

Marketers System Of Record For Influencers

Many brands now have influencer-focused teams, and investment continues to grow — especially in the consumer packaged goods (CPG), fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. View report.

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Universal Music
Saatchi & Saatchi
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Forrester New Wave Leader
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Full-Service Solutions

Our specialists amplify your marketing for improved efficacy.

Full-Service Marketing

PREMIUM SERVICE. Competitive advantage for marketers. Marketing experts deliver powerful insights on predictive behavioral patterns, RoAS, algorithmic trading expertise, brand-safe media, technology solutions, branded entertainment, sports, influencers and more. Full-service agents, data scientists, quant analysts, marketers, creatives & strategists are dedicated to improving marketing outcomes.

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Content Creators
SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)
Dedicated Teams
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Your questions answered

For more helpful suggestions, best-practices, optimizations, guidelines, features and general knowledge…visit our help center.

Are all plans subscription based?

Yes, all plans are subscription-based. Choose between monthly and yearly billing options (Annually, will get you 2 months free per year.) Depending on your needs and goals, you can upgrade (or downgrade) at any time. 

Monthly vs Annually

Annually (yearly) billing means you pay for 12 months of access upfront and your plan is renewed on a yearly basis, unless you cancel it before the next billing date. Monthly billing means you pay for access once a month and your plan is automatically renewed each month, unless you cancel it.

With the yearly option, you can save a certain amount per year compared to the monthly billing option.

Yearly gets about 2 months free.

You can switch from a monthly to a yearly billing option at any time in your account settings, under ‘Membership’.

Acceptable payment methods

Generally, we accept credit cards and debit cards. We also accept PayPal and Amazon Pay for a few selected countries.

Wire transfer is available upon request for a customized Enterprise plan. Contact us if you need to customize the Enterprise plan and pay by wire transfer.

Crypto…coming soon! 

Difference between free and paid?

Basic (Free) provides new users the ability to get started without any commitments. You’ll be able to setup your brand (or entertainment production) and share the link on your social media platforms (or blogs). You can also add listings for working partnerships, search for partners, shortlist potential partners, send proposals, and more.

Paid plans (Professional & Enterprise) provides more features to accelerate your objectives, partnerships, and goals. This also allows for more users to manage your workflows, more proposals, more pages, more listings, more support, more everything.

Can I customize an Enterprise plan?

Yes. Customize your Enterprise plan by reaching out to our support team: Contact Us

Support team can customize:

  • Users (team size, configuration, access privileges, etc)
  • Listings (amount per page, transactions, smart contracts, etc)
  • Pages (amount of pages, configuration, team management, settings, etc)
  • Media management (automation, sequencing, transactions, etc)
How do I become an affiliate?

Contact us if you are interested in becoming an official HOLLYFY affiliate or reseller for the Professional and Enterprise plans. For more information about our affiliate program tap here.

Is there Full-Service media management for my brand?


Our full-service media management services strategize and optimize for your marketing initiatives for sales cycles. Learn more.

Branded Entertainment Platform

Full-Service. Learn More ›

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