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Behind-the-scenes in Hollywood.



Pronounced /ˈhɑliˌfi/. HOLLYFY connects entertainment creators with brand marketers around the world so they can easily create branded entertainment. This collaborative community is powered by creators producing original content which attracts audience attention. This allows marketers precision media buying to amplify brand awareness.

What is brand integration

Simply put, it is actual brands used in an entertainment production. Creators can earn money by placing brands inside the scenes of their next production. What you create and how you interact with brand marketers is completely up to you. Advertisers generate brand awareness with attentive audience as long as the production is popular.

Hollywood + Amplify = HOLLYFY

Who we are

We are a collective of marketing tech, fintech, media and engineering technologists from the world’s best companies. Our team has worked for Google, Apple, Beats by Dre, JP Morgan Chase, Fortune 500 companies, technology consultancies, advertising agencies and production companies worldwide. We’ve been building innovative technologies and delivering world-class marketing solutions to millions of people. Our team is filled with the smartest, forward-thinking individuals.

Think of HOLLYFY as

Airbnb for Media
Our Mission

Empower creators. Elevate brands.

Merge ART & COMMERCE using data and technology. Simple premise really, connect creators who want funding with brands who want an attentive audience. All while removing impediments like time, excessive costs, and layers upon layers of inefficient bureaucracy.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning for branded entertainment

Machine learning algorithms adapt over time by analyzing various inputs to better serve your needs within the ecosystem and the market as a whole. As we move further into deep learning neural networks expect to see even more optimizations.
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Decentralized Media
Control your destiny.

We provide the tools, you reap the rewards. Bottlenecks may be good for drinking Coca-Cola, but not marketing Coca-Cola. Utilize the power of HOLLYFY to match you with media partnerships.

Fueled by Data
Computational market analysis

It’s easier than you think. At least, that’s what we’ve seen time and time again. Aligning affinities, interests, and audiences produces exponential results.  

Ready to get started?

Choose a plan & begin.

Created in California

Located in the heart of the action.

Made in Hollywood

We love entertainment, brands & tech.

HOLLYFY started as a simple notion: Empower creators. Elevate brands. It has evolved into a movement dedicated to helping creators and brands build their businesses, live their dreams, and accelerate their growth. Our team comes from a diverse background. Efficacy is our objective. Do you have similar affinities and a love for complex problem solving?

Empower Creators. Elevate Brands.

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