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Collaboration tools for content creators and advertisers to buy or sell brand integrations.
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Product Placement

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Influencer Marketing

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Product Placement

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Advertise without Ads

Get your brand featured by content creators: influencers, musicians, podcasts, blogs, movies & more. Entertainment creators feature your brand…public perception is amplified. Compare

Attentive Audiences

Be an insider, not an outsider. Get your brand featured inside scenes to attentive audiences.

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Step 1 Add Listings
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Get matched with relevant partners.

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Make Offers or Send Proposals

Make (or receive) offers relevant to your listings, audience & content.

Step 3 ShortList Favorites

Save your favorites for later or make an offer (or, proposal) now.

Step 4 Collaborate on Product placement

Discuss details, schedules, demographics, deadlines, and more.


How to use HOLLYFY

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Boost credibibility and engagement by sharing a link to your page.

Managed Service

Hire specialists to manage your integrations. Tell us your goals, timeline, and target audience… we’ll implement the solutions.

40 billion dollars

Nearly $62 billion per year is spent on product placement & influencer marketing in the US with a 13.8% YOY growth rate.


92% of consumers trust influencer marketing vs. traditional advertising according to Nielsen’s trust index.

Research shows that influencer marketing generates 11 times better ROI compared to all other marketing channels.


60% of marketers in the US, UK & Germany say influencer marketing provided a better ROI for their marketing dollars.

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Customers Increase Revenue


“HOLLYFY simplifies the often messy process of seeking out and securing marketing partnerships. I would recommend brands consider adding HOLLYFY to their arsenal.”


Ross F.



“We tested HOLLYFY against our traditional TV commercial ad campaigns and realized over 3.6x more brand impressions and nearly the same increase of online orders.”


Arthur S.



“Way, way, way better than the big advertising agencies we contacted. HOLLYFY made it easy to get our women’s fitness brand worn by influencers and TV actresses.”


Jessica L.



“Changed our entire advertising process. It used to cost us millions for commercials and ad agencies, now our internal teams accomplish better results.”




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Branded Entertainment = Brand Impressions

Peer-to-Peer. Escrow until complete.

Increase sales with increased awareness
Collaborate with more content creators
Smart Contracts enable secure transactions
Attract more customers with brand integrations

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Power Public Perception

Marketing that moves sales.

Product placement can directly influence a person’s implicit attitudes about a product and identification with a brand.

– Psychology Today

$23 billion business and growing about 14% each year. At the same time, marketers decrease their spending on traditional advertising.

– Fast Company

LACOSTE: two minutes of screen time in THE SUICIDE SQUAD (70 million view to date) est. advertising value of $2.4 million dollars.

– Concave Brand Tracking

Search. ShortList. Transact.

Marketing has always leveraged entertainment to influence minds, control brand perception, or share innovative features about products and services. It’s a synergistic business model. Previously, only available to mega corporations and elites, we’re decentralizing and democratizing the model. Now, it’s available to Brands and Creators of ALL SIZES. Sharing is caring. Power to the people.

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Branded Entertainment

Search, collaborate, coordinate, transact.

Marketing solutions for brand advertising companies

I’m an Advertiser

Reach attentive audiences.

Entertainment creators and production companies

I’m a Content Creator

Offset production costs.

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Dedicated specialists source opportunities for you. We work with your budget to find the right product placement & influencers for your brand, music videos, TV shows, movies, and more.

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