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All-in-One Collaboration Platform for influencer marketing and product placement. Marketers of all sizes can now build valuable brands through the power of content creator partnerships.

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All-in-One Collaboration Tool for Advertisers & Content Creators

SMBs to Enterprise Companies. Influencers to Studios. Small or Large.

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92% of consumers trust influencer marketing over traditional advertising according to Nielsen’s trust index.

Research shows that influencer marketing generates 11 times better ROI compared to all other digital marketing channels.


60% of marketers in the US, UK and Germany say that influencer marketing provided a better ROI for their marketing dollars.

The HOLLYFY Difference

We democratize & decentralize the media industry.

Easier than Traditional Advertising 

Brand awareness and relevance in a fragmented advertising ecosystem has made traditional advertising less effective. Get your brand featured inside scenes to attentive audiences.

Simple Process & Pricing

We believe best-in-class marketing should be transparent at every step. With our clear pricing and process, know exactly what you’re getting from the start. 

More Impactful than Interuptive Ads

How do you get people talking about your brand? Simple. Get multiple influencers, musicians and entertainment creators to talk about your brand…the rest will follow.

Save Time, Money & Resources

You don’t have time for cold-calls & dead-ends. We’ve streamlined deals for you. Teams can onboard themselves through seamless workflows, saving time… and money.


Make your Brand a Star!

Our platform is built for sharing ideas, promoting brands, funding content, making magical moments, & highlighting new features. Next-Gen marketing solution for brand perception.

MediaTech meets FinTech


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End-to-End platform that scales with you.

We help you stay relevant at every stage of growth.

Increase sales with increased awareness
Collaborate with more content creators
Control your messaging the way you want
Attract more customers with brand integrations

How Brands of All Sizes Become Famous

Get your brand featured in entertainment scenes.


Influencers promote your brand to their social media followers quickly and easily.

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Music Videos

Brand mentions in song lyrics or viewed in music videos for massive brand impressions.

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TV Shows

Be an insider, not an outsider. TV viewers pay attention to their favorite shows, even when they skip ads.

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Brands become a star in feature length movies, indy films, blockbusters, comedy, and more.

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Video Games

Game creators can get your brand in their upcoming release to millions of gamers.

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Power of Persuasion

Marketing efficacy in your hands.

Product placement can directly influence a person’s implicit attitudes about a product and identification with a brand.

– Psychology Today

$23 billion business and growing about 14% each year. At the same time, marketers decrease their spending on traditional advertising.

– Fast Company

LACOSTE: two minutes of screen time in THE SUICIDE SQUAD (70 million view to date) est. advertising value of $2.4 million dollars.

– Concave Brand Tracking

Small Companies, Beat Behemoths

Marketing has always leveraged entertainment to influence minds, control brand perception, or share innovative features about products and services. It’s a synergistic business model. Previously, only available to mega corporations and elites, we’re decentralizing and democratizing the model. Now, it’s available to brands and creators of ALL SIZES. Sharing is caring. Power to the people.

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How to Get Started

Easy-to-Use Influencer Marketing & Product Placement Platform

Step 1 Add Listings
Launch a Page w/ Listings

Pages perform the work for you.
Get matched with relevant partners.

Step 2 Search product placement

Make (or receive) offers relevant to your listings, audience and objectives.

Step 3 ShortList Favorites

Save your favorites for later or reach out now with an offer.

Step 4 Collaborate on Product placement

Discuss details, demographics, prices, deadlines, and more.

Too busy to search and make connections on your own?

Managed service. Dedicated support teams find opportunities for you. We work with your budget to find the right product placement & influencers for your brand, from influencers to music videos to TV shows and movies.

All-in-One Collaboration Platform

Source deals, manage tasks, collaborate, increase revenue.

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Reach attentive audiences.

Entertainment creators and production companies

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Offset production costs.

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