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Marketing Innovation

Designed to leverage its data-driven software and act as a matchmaker between brand marketers and what HOLLYFY refers to as entertainment providers. Those “providers” can be anyone from musicians, social media influencers, movie productions or any type of major celebrity. “

Advertise without Ads

NO EFFORT partnerships with Influencers, Movies, TV Shows, Musicians, Video Games, Podcasts or Bloggers.

Influencers  HOLLYFY

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Podcasts, and Bloggers find us faster, easier and better than others.

Get advertisers to offset production costs.

Movie & TV producers can EASILY monetize almost any object in any scene to offset production costs.

Get paid to put brands in lyrics & music videos.

Easily work with advertisers who can help fund tracks and music videos.

Game On!

Video game productions can earn big bucks with in-game brand integrations.

Concierge Service

We do the work! Why coordinate outreach when specialists can do the work for you! See how it works.

Buy or Sell Brand Integration Inside Entertainment Scenes.

It’s that easy.

"Groundbreaking platform that can really disrupt and change the way talent, celebrities and influencers can connect with brands"

– Jason Newman, Manager, Untitled Entertainment


Not ready yet?  Give it a spin and see it for yourself.
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