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What People Are Saying

HOLLYFY effectively connects digital content and entertainment with organically fitting partnerships.

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson

Chief Digital Officer, BrainTrust CAA-GBG

Groundbreaking platform that can really disrupt and change the way talent, celebrities and influencers can connect with brands.

Jason Newman

Manager, Untitled Entertainment

Designed to leverage its data-driven software and act as a matchmaker between brand marketers and what HOLLYFY refers to as entertainment providers. Those “providers” can be anyone from musicians, social media influencers, movie productions or any type of major celebrity.

Marketing Innovation


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Creators meet Brands

Sell brand integration for any product, location, dialogue or lyric in your content.

Brands meet Creators

Buy brand integration in almost any form of entertainment.

Get Your Brand Featured in Music Videos


Explore a variety of Hip-Hop artists. 


Explore electronic dance music artists. 

Folk & Americana

Explore folk & Americana artists.


Explore a variety of pop artists.

Get a Beverage Brand to Fund Production


Explore soda brands. 


Explore beer brands. 

Sports Drinks

Explore sports drink brands.


Explore spirits and liquor brands.

Connect Your Brand with Influencers


Explore celebrity talent and actors. 


Explore YouTube influencers. 


Explore Instagram influencers.


Explore bloggers from travel to fashion.

Get Apparel & Accessories to Fund Production

Men’s Clothing

Explore clothing brands for men. 

Women’s Clothing

Explore clothing brands for women. 


Explore shoe brands.


Explore jewelry and accessory brands.

Get Your Brand Featured in TV Shows


Explore on-demand productions. 


Explore cable productions. 


Explore broadcast productions. 


Explore lifestyle productions. 

Get Automotive Brands to Fund Production

Electric  Vehicles

Explore electric vehicle brands. 

Sports Cars

Explore sports car brands. 


Explore motorcycle brands. 


Explore SUV and pickup truck brands. 

Get Your Brand Featured in Video Games:

Racing Games

Get your brand in racing games. 

Shooter Games

Get your brand in shooter games. 


Get your brand in simulation games. 


Get your brand in role-playing games. 


Creators & Advertisers

Entertainment Creators

From small blogs to blockbuster movies, discover how easy it can be to fund production and marketing expenses with brand integration from advertisers. All while retaining equity.

Brand Advertisers

From Etsy shops to Aston Martin, increase brand awareness and relevancy using the attentive audiences of entertainment creators with brand integration inside productions.

Software does the work

You reap the rewards

Artificial intelligence  machine learning matches advertisers with entertainment creators. Data-driven alignment algorithms optimize and rank your matches for more opportunities with relevant partners.

Monetize any object or dialogue 

in a scene, storyboard, lyric or social post.

Almost anything featured on-screen can have monetary or in-kind value. From storyline brand integrations to signage, HOLLYFY makes it easier than ever for content creators and brand advertisers to work together. 


Advertising media

Increasing brand awareness with an attentive audience has never been easier. Improve brand relevance in a fragmented media landscape by integrating directly into entertainment productions: music videos, influencer posts, streaming TV episodes, video games, blockbuster movies and even blog articles.

Audience Attention

New paradigm of media

Paramount to attracting new consumers and maintaining brand relevancy in a fragmented traditional advertising ecosystem, the new paradigm of efficacy for advertisers is audience attention. Brand integration inside entertainment represents a new era where marketing, entertainment and technology merge.

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Entertainment Creators

How to fund your productions with brand integrations while retaining equity.

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Brand Advertisers

How an attentive audience and entertainment can improve your brand relevance.

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Pricing Plans

Free basic plan. Pay only for upgrades, add-ons, services and other features you want.

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Advertisers & Creators. HOLLYFY matches opportunities in productions with interest from relevant brands. The more detailed your listings, audience and Showcase Page…the better the results.  

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