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Get Brands Inside Entertainment Scenes.

Advertise without ads. Boost brand awareness inside entertainment scenes. Fund content creation with brand integrations.

Any size brand. Any size entertainment.


Full-Service Media Management

Our team of media professionals, data scientists, quant analysts and behavioral strategists can optimize annual media budgets to increase efficacy.

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Decentralized protocols can assist smart systems to deploy fiat transfers based on mutually determined criteria and task completion. Increased transparency.

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Branded Entertainment Matching

Predictive algorithms learn and align brand marketing objectives with entertainment productions to optimize media budgets for growth with reduced risk probability.

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Get Your Brand Featured in TV Shows

Netflix originals TV

Explore on-demand productions. 

FX networks

Explore cable productions. 


Explore broadcast productions. 


Explore lifestyle productions. 

Get a Beverage Brand to Fund Production

Pepsi brand

Explore soda brands. 

budweiser brand

Explore beer brands. 

Sports Drinks

Explore sports drink brands.


Explore spirits and liquor brands.

Get Your Brand Featured in Music Videos

Drake music

Explore a variety of Hip-Hop artists. 


Explore electronic dance music. 

Luke Combs country music

Explore country artists.

Billie Eilish pop music

Explore a variety of pop artists.

Get Apparel & Accessories to Fund Production

Men’s Clothing

Explore clothing brands for men. 

Women’s Clothing

Explore brands for women. 

Nike forest gump

Explore shoe brands.


Jewelry and accessory brands.

Get Your Brand Featured in Video Games:

Shooter Games

Get your brand in shooter games. 

gran turismo racing video game
Racing Games

Get your brand in racing games. 

SIM City video game

Get brand in simulation games. 


Role-playing games. 

Advertise without Ads

NO EFFORT media integrations with Influencers, Movies, TV Shows, Musicians, Video Games, Podcasts or Bloggers. Any size brand. Any size budget. Full-Service.

Influencers  HOLLYFY

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Podcasts, and Bloggers find us faster, easier and better than other influencer marketing platforms.

Get advertisers to offset production costs.

Movie & TV producers can EASILY monetize almost any object in any scene to offset production costs.

Place brands in lyrics & music videos – get paid.

Easily work with advertisers and marketers who can help fund tracks and music videos.

Game On!

Video game productions can earn big bucks with in-game marketing brand integrations.


We do the work! Managed accounts coordinate outreach, marketing strategy, reporting, brand integrations, and media budgets! See how it works.

Any Size Brand. Any Size Budget.
Any Size Entertainment.

Self-Service Pricing Plans

Marketing Innovation

Designed to leverage its data-driven software and act as a matchmaker between brand marketers and what HOLLYFY refers to as entertainment providers. Those “providers” can be anyone from musicians, social media influencers, movie productions or any type of major celebrity. “

"Groundbreaking platform that can really disrupt and change the way talent, celebrities and influencers can connect with brands"

– Jason Newman, Manager, Untitled Entertainment


Growth Hacking

Get brands inside entertainment scenes.




Video Games



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How to Get Started

Branded Entertainment Made Easy

Launch a Page with Listings

Your listings tell potential partners on our platform what you’re looking for.

Review Offers & Proposals

Make (or receive) offers & proposals relevant to your objectives, audience, and listings.

Select your Favorites

Choose from the proposals or reach out and make your own proposal.

Get brands inside entertainment scenes. Create listings. Launch showcase page. Get matched. Connect with brand marketers and entertainment creators. 

Marketing solutions for brand advertising companies

I’m a Brand Marketer

Learn about marketing solutions.

Entertainment creators and production companies

I’m an Entertainment Creator

Offset production costs.


Elevate Brands. Empower Creators.

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"Next-Generation Business Transformation for Media, Marketing and Entertainment."

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