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Reach Attentive Audiences by Collaborating with Content Creators

How we drive conversions & sales:

  • Get your brand featured by content creators
  • Simplify sponsorships
  • Influencer marketing & product placement
  • Access large, engaged audiences

Get Funded by Brands

How we help you monetize:

  • Sponsorship deals
  • Product placement
  • Offset production costs
  • Access media budgets
  • Connect with advertisers
How to Get Started
Create an Official Page

Represent your brand or content creation with: target audience and desired partners.

Start Collaborating

Make offers, send messages, start projects, shortlist favorites and complete transactions.

Launch Partnership

After content creators and advertisers complete a project watch the engagement skyrocket.

Artificial Intelligence Matches Content Creators and Brand Marketers

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Artificial Intelligence matches brands and creators

Advertising Services

SEM/PPC, ad campaigns, email marketing, website development & more.

Collaboration platform.

Peer-to-Peer transactions between content creators and advertisers.

Digital advertising.

Manage your search engine advertising or social campaigns.

Design & creative.

Hands-on content creation, design and art direction for your brand.

Website development.

Build and design UX/UI components for your brand’s website.

Advertise without Ads

Get your brand featured by content creators to attentive audiences.
Instagram Influencer Marketing
TikTok Influencer Marketing
Youtube Influencer Marketing
Podcast Influencer Marketing
Twitch Influencer Marketing
Blog Influencer Marketing
Snapchat Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing on X - twitter
Product placement in Music Videos
Product placement in Movies
Product placement in Video Games
Product placement in TV Shows
A.I. Dashboard

How it Works

Launch an Official Page

Artificial intelligence matches your page with relevant partners.

Make Offers or Send Proposals

Make (or receive) offers relevant to your listings, audience & content.


Direct message, start projects, project management tools, task alignment tools, escrow service, complete transactions and more.

Influence Public Perception

Marketing that moves sales.

Product placement can directly influence a person’s implicit attitudes about a product and identification with a brand.

$23 billion business and growing about 14% each year. At the same time, marketers decrease their spending on traditional advertising.

LACOSTE: two minutes of screen time in THE SUICIDE SQUAD (70 million view to date) est. advertising value of $2.4 million dollars.

92% of consumers trust influencer marketing vs. traditional advertising according to Nielsen’s trust index.

Research shows that influencer marketing generates 11 times better ROI compared to all other marketing channels.

60% of marketers (US, UK & Germany) say influencer marketing provides a better ROI for their marketing dollars.



“HOLLYFY simplifies the often messy process of seeking out and securing marketing partnerships. I would recommend brands consider adding HOLLYFY to their arsenal.”


Ross F.



“We tested HOLLYFY against our traditional TV commercial ad campaigns and realized over 3.6x more brand impressions and nearly the same increase of online orders.”


Arthur S.



“Way, way, way better than the big advertising agencies we contacted. HOLLYFY made it easy to get our women’s fitness brand worn by influencers and TV actresses.”


Jessica L.



“Changed our entire advertising process. It used to cost us millions for commercials and ad agencies, now our internal teams accomplish better results.”





Managed Service

Specialists do the work for you. Your integration specialist(s) query databases to find optimal partners, influencers, productions, studios, or brands to meet your objectives, schedule and budget. We then manage and execute your brand integrations. All with weekly check-ins and monthly reports.

Source Partners
Manage Brand Integrations
Negotiate Terms
managed service group
How it Works for You

Influencer Marketing, Sponsorships & Product Placement Platform

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Collaboration Platform
for Content Creators & Advertisers
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