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Create a Showcase Page

Represent your content

Step-by-Step. Launch Your Page.

Step #1

Page Requirements:

  • Page name (eg/ Title of production)
  • Genre or influencer format
  • Graphics/images representing your contet.
    (Header: 1295 x 728 pixels) 16×9 dimensions
    (Thumbnail: 390 x 390 pixels)
Step #2

Add Listings:

  • Brands in your scenes (eg/ Products, locations or services)
  • Price of integration
  • How it will be featured
Step #3

Target Audience:

(who views your content)

  • Size of your audience
  • Demographics of your audience
  • Location of your audience (eg/ United States)
Step #4


After completing the previous steps, your launched page with listings will start matching with potential partners.


Step #5

Send Proposal & ShortList:

(Make the first move)

Search for brands. ShortList your favorites. Send proposals. Send messages. Pitch ideas.

It's that easy.

You’re in Business!

Share your Showcase Page on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or X (formerly Twitter) to let partners know where to find you.
Login weekly for more matches. 

Opportunities are endless.

Page image dimensions

Tap to Englarge

What’s Needed

Header Image

Key frame or title graphics of your production/content. 
Image is shown at top of your page and search results.
Recommended Image Compression

1295 x 728 pixels (.jpg or .png) 16×9 dimensions
1 MB max file size.

Thumbnail Image

Circular or square. Use the same image as used on social media accounts like Instagram or LinkedIn.

Simple graphics of your content’s title perform best. Image is shown on your page, search results, and communications.

390 x 390 pixels (.jpg or .png)
500 kB max file size.


Choose the most appropriate genre (or format in the case of social media influencer platform) which best represents the type of content you create.

Official Social Media

Links to your official website and social media accounts help establish credibility and allow brands to vet your content.


IMPORTANT: Monetize any object, any dialogue, any signage, in any scene. What types of brands are in each scene? Will you mention brand name? Is it a location? Signage? Apparel? Food or beverage? Add as many types of products, locations or services as individual listings as you’d like (eg/ beverage/non-alcoholic/juice). This improves matchmaking suggestions. Learn More

Audience Demographics

Who enjoys your content? Which countries do the live in? How many people usually view your content? Average ages? Male/female? etc.

Learn More
Create listing in your entertainment
Add Listings

Create listings that attract advertisers.


Learn More  ›

How Negotiations Work

Justify the cost of your integration.


Learn More  ›

Transactions & Payments

How you make money on HOLLYFY.


Learn More  ›


Your questions answered

For more helpful suggestions, best-practices, optimizations, content guidelines, responsibilites and general knowledge…visit our help center.

Who can be a HOLLYFY creator?

It’s easy to become a HOLLYFY creator, and create a listings.

Musicians, influencers, filmmakers, TV shows, and video games are just a few of the productions who have launched on HOLLYFY.

How to 'Price' a brand integration?

Pricing is important!

More sales occur when prices are shown. This helps advertisers see the value you bring to them. Your content, your audience, how they’re featured…and for what price.

Close more deals.

General rule of thumb; use your audience size, previous engagement metrics, and audience demographics.

(FWIW: more attentive viewers = higher price).

Choosing a plan

Signing up for HOLLYFY is easy.

Plans come with enhanced workflows, offer & proposal tools, task management, encrypted transactions, chat, support, security, and more.

Influencer Plans

Provides influencers (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, X, and more) with powerful AI matchmaking to sync up with advertisers. Based on the amount of followers you’ll get recommended​ a suite of transaction tools.

Content Creator Plans

Provides content creators (music, movies, TV shows, video games, podcasts and blogs) with powerful AI matchmaking to sync up with advertisers. Based on the amount of your audience size (average viewers) you’ll get recommended a suite of transaction tools.

Agency Plans

Manage multiple productions, content creators, or influencers. Plan comes with all transaction tools but with the ability to manage many more entities.

Can HOLLYFY do the work for me?

HOLLYFY’s managed service works with you to set your prices for better results.

We can even reach out to advertisers on your behalf; freeing up time for you to work on content creation.

Specialists makes suggestions, and you can adjust prices any time.

Managed Service ›

What is required of creators?

We ask everyone who uses HOLLYFY for a few pieces of information before they collaborate. This info ensures both parties know who they’re working with, and how to contact each other.

• Full name
• Email address
• Showcase Page with Listings
• Agreement to terms-of-use

Suggested (optional)
• Payment methods
• Two-factor authentication
• Profile picture

Collaboration Platform
for Content Creators & Advertisers
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