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Brand integrations
Product placement deals

Beauty, travel, wellness, fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle, tech, and other influencers.

Content Creators

Brand integrations
Product placement deals

Musicians, movies, TV shows, video games, podcasts, blogs, and other productions.


Brand awareness
Audience targeting
Sales consideration

Marketing departments, business owners, brand managers, ad agencies and media buyers.

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You’ve built your audience, now it’s time to profit. Get matched with advertisers for product placement and sponsorship.


Up to 30% Commission

Influencers and creators get paid for promoting HOLLYFY…plus, FREE membership.

What’s included

Get 100+ features out of the box with our integrated transaction tools.

Artificial intelligence
A.I. Matchmaking
Audience matching
Interest matching
Context matching
Page matching
Transaction Tools
Send Offers / Proposals
Time-based conditions
Escrow payment protection
Encrypted chat
Project Management
Assign tasks
File sharing
Delivery requirements
Project comments
Unified Dashboard
Offers / Proposals
Upcoming project tasks
Matching recommendations
Account optimization options
Public Profile
Dedicated page
Audience management
Interest listings
Shareable link
Security & Compliance
Data security and encryption
Multi-factor authentication
Access controls
Network tokens
Payment Processing
Payouts to your bank account
Unified payouts
Transparent payouts
Project comments
24×7 Support
Chat, phone & email
Robust documentation
Technical support on Slack
Comprehensive knowledge base
Need Help?

We’ll Do The Work


Managed Service

Specialists do the work for you. Your integration specialist(s) query databases to find optimal partners, influencers, productions, studios, or brands to meet your objectives, schedule and budget. We then manage and execute your brand integrations. All with weekly check-ins and monthly reports.

Source Partners
Manage Brand Integrations
Negotiate Terms
managed service group

Your questions answered

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. We offer a free trial that unlocks the features you’ll need to enable growth. Feel free to cancel before the trial ends and your card won’t be charged. If you choose to stay your card will be charged the rate you selected until you cancel.


Go to your Account Settings / Membership section to make changes.

Plan Differences?

Signing up for HOLLYFY is easy.

Plans come with enhanced workflows, offer & proposal tools, task management, encrypted transactions, chat, support, security, and more.

Influencer Plans

Provides influencers (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, X, and more) with powerful AI matchmaking to sync up with advertisers. Based on the amount of followers you’ll get recommended​ a suite of transaction tools.

Content Creator Plans

Provides content creators (music, movies, TV shows, video games, podcasts and blogs) with powerful AI matchmaking to sync up with advertisers. Based on the amount of your audience size (average viewers) you’ll get recommended a suite of transaction tools.

Advertiser Plans

Provides marketers with powerful AI matchmaking to sync up with content creators & influencers. Based on your average budget you’ll get recommended a suite of transaction tools.

Agency Plans

Manage multiple brands, content creators, or influencers. Plan comes with all transaction tools but with the ability to manage many more entities.

When can I cancel my membership?
Anytime! Even though we hope that won’t be necessary, you can cancel your membership whenever you believe that HOLLYFY is no longer helping you. Your membership end at the end of the billing cycle.
Go to your Account Settings / Membership section to make changes.
What's Managed Service?
Our managed service will strategize, source, negotiate, implement and optimize sponsorships, brand integrations, influencer marketing, product placement and more for your marketing or production objectives.
How long do payouts take?

Payout speed varies per country, but your HOLLYFY balance is typically available for payout between 2 to 7 business days. In supported countries, your default payout schedule is weekly automatic, that is, your HOLLYFY balance would be paid out weekly once available for payout. You can also opt to receive payouts monthly.

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