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How Creators Get Started

Whether you want to fund large entertainment productions or just get paid per post, here’s how creators get started. Let’s go!

The HOLLYFY ecosystem

HOLLYFY is an ecosystem based on mutual benefits and trust. We take the growth of our Creators and Advertisers very seriously—both must meet and maintain quality standards. We work to keep everyone collaborative in our world with encrypted personal data and a trusted payment system.


Creator Reliability Standards

Standards for Creators including more about accuracy, schedules, and communication.


Advertiser Reliability Standards

Standards for Advertisers including more about demands, schedules, and communication.

How to Begin

Creating an account is easy! We’ll need to know a few basic details about you, your job, and the entertainment you represent. Now you’re ready to start collaborating and get funding!

Create a Showcase Page for your content.

It’s easy. Simply follow the on-boarding questions when signing up.
Be sure to select “Creator”

Create a showcase page that represents your entertainment to the advertising community. 

    1. Entertainment Title as the title of your page.
    2. Key artwork for your content as header & thumbnail image.
      Header Image:
      • Aspect ratio = 16:9
      • 1295 x 728 pixels (.jpg or .png)
      • 1 MB max file size
      Thumbnail Image:
      • 390 x 390 pixels (.jpg or .png)
      • 400 kB max file size
      Image Compression ›
    3. Description of your content. Copy and paste from another social media account or website.
    4. Add Official Links. Your officially owned social media accounts, website and/or blog. This helps verify your credibility.
    5. Add your Target Audience. Location(s) where your content is viewed/distributed, approximate audience size, and demographics. Try to be accurate.
    6. Add Listings. Types of brands you want to be matched with and how they would featured in your content. Learn More ›
Activate your page.

When launched and active, your page will attract matches based on the information provided. Matches can be found on your dashboard and the bottom of your Showcase Page. You may also receive email notifications of matches.

Search. ShortList your favorites. Message. Send proposals to brands.

Learn More ›


Creating an Account

Find easy-to-follow instructions to create an account.

HOW-TO • Creator

Launch your Showcase Page

Your entertainment is represented by a Showcase Page. Basic information like Title (or, influencer handle), short description, official links, type of entertainment, images, and listings.

HOW-TO • Creator

Add Listings to your Showcase Page

Listings on your page are the types of brands visible in any of your scenes, mentioned on-screen, locations, or signage.

Start Collaborating

Search for advertisers (aka, brands), ShortList ♥ your favorites, send messages, make proposals on their listings. Easy as that. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step.


ShortList your Favorites

Tap the ♥ button on their page…save for later.

HOW-TO • Creator

Send a Proposal: What to do if You’re New

Learn about HOLLYFY’s transaction process, how to make a proposal, confirm your integration, complete transactions with an advertiser, and more.

HOW-TO • Creator

When you’ll Get your Payout

We’ll send your payout about 24 hours after a collaboration is marked complete by both parties to your HOLLYFY wallet. However, your bank and payout method will determine how long it…

? SuperStars. The greats always shine brightly. Learn how to become a SuperStar.

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how creators get started
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