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Showcase Page & Listings

Represent your brand or entertainment with a Showcase Page & Listings. Update images, categorization, description, official links and listings to reflect your objectives.


What’s this?

Access your Showcase Page(s) from the main navigation Showcase Pages.

Primary info you’ll need:

  • Page Name: Your brand name or entertainment title.
  • Type of Brand/Entertainment: For instance, Product > Beverage > Non-Alcoholic > Soda.
    Or, for entertainment, Music > Hip-Hop
  • Images: Add a header image (16×9) & a thumbnail image (1×1)
  • Description: Copy & paste from LinkedIn or elsewhere.
  • Official Links: Website & social networks
  • Audience / Target Market: Size. Location. Demographics. Learn more.
  • Listings: THESE ARE IMPORTANT! Add listings for all the types of brands (or, entertainment) you’d like to collaborate with. How to Create Listings.
  • Contracts: Store relevant contracts like Usage Rights, NDAs, and other templates.
  • Transactions: Manage all your collaborations / integrations. Transactions: Offers & Proposals

Images are Worth a Thousand Words

Showcase your brand or entertainment with intuitive images—they’re instrumental in helping prospective collaborators deciding to work with you.

Brands: Use logos or product shots

Entertainment: Use keyart, title graphics, or primary talent.

Resolution matters:
Header images should be 1295×728 pixels. Thumbnail images should be 390×390 pixels. When in doubt, larger sizes are better. Need to compress the file size?

How-to • General

Professional Artwork for your Page

We have professional designers who can collaborate with you to create professional artwork for your Showcase Page. First-time artwork is free for new HOLLYFY users.

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