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Creating an Account

Creating a HOLLYFY account is free and easy. Just go to hollyfy.com, tap Sign Up, and follow the instructions. Upgrade to Professional or Enterprise plans if you want more features.

You can sign up using the following:

  • Email address
    (company email address recommended)
  • Name
  • Password

After you sign up, we’ll need a bit more info before you’ll be able to collaborate, so be sure to complete your account setup.

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How-to • General

Creating a Strong Password

Avoid common password mistakes. Use a unique password with special characters to create a strong password.
How-to • General

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) adds an extra level of security to your account, helps protect your information, and payment methods.

How-to • General

Edit your Account Settings

You can edit your account settings, as well as some information on your public profile, from your Account Settings > Profile section.
How-to • General

Changing your Email Address

You can change or add an email address in your profile.
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Home 9 Help Center 9 General 9 Creating an Account
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