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Using your Dashboard

Your personalized dashboard helps you track offers & proposals, tasks, matches, account optimizations, and many other features.

How the dashboard works

Your dashboard helps you manage brand integrations in one place—including account optimization, important tasks, and matches for your pages. You’ll also find things like offers, proposals, confirmations, completed collaborations, and more helpful insights.

Quick access

Use your dashboard as a quick start to get ahead of your workflow and accomplish more in less time. Choose to either get deals done faster so you have more time for other things, bring in more money, or expand your brand awareness exponentially.  

Key features

Primary features of your dashboard:

  • Search field
  • Matches
  • Inbound Offers / Proposals
  • In-Progress Tasks
  • Recommended optimizations


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Home 9 Help Center 9 Team/Admin 9 Using your Dashboard
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