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Page Prestige

    Use the Page Prestige widget to elevate your status in the community, improve your matches, and elevate your rank order. Our page prestige widget guides your page improvements with helpful challenges that result in better performance.

    Easily scale up by using the Page Prestige Widget on your Showcase Page. Simply tap the Level Up button and complete the challenges to elevate up a level.

    Level #1 challenges:

    • Overview Details: Page name, primary category, & description.
    • Thumbnail Image: Circular image, logo or title representation.
    • 1 Active Listing: Add an active listing to your page.
    • Audience: Define your target audience / market.

    Level #2 challenges:

    • 3 Active Listings: Activate three listings on your page.
    • 4 Official Sites: Links to your official social media, website or blog give your page credibility.
    • Header Image: Horizontal 16×9 image at the top of your Page.
    • Give 5 ShortLists: ShortList at least five other pages.

    Level #3 challenges:

    • 5 Active Listings: Activate five listings on your page.
    • Share Showcase Page: Share your Showcase Page on LinkedIn.
    • Unlock 2 Email Contacts: Use tokens to unlock email addresses.
    • Give 10 ShortLists: ShortList at least ten other pages.

    Level #4 challenges:

    • 8 Active Listings: Activate eight listings on your page.
    • Share Showcase Page: Share your Showcase Page on Twitter.
    • 1 Transaction Complete: Mark Project Complete on one transaction with another user.
    • Give 20 ShortLists: ShortList at least twenty other pages.

    Keep it up. You’re a star!

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