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Matches align your Showcase Page & Listings with partners most likely to do collaborations.

How do Matches Work?

Matches are served up based on machine learning algorithms that analyze your showcase page content (eg/ audience & listings) then match it with partners based on probability ranking. When you add more details to your page and listings your matches become more inline with your objectives.

Several elements contribute to your matches:

  • Listings
    What you want (eg/ restaurant or pop music), price or budget, type of integration, timing, and more.
  • Target audience
    Audience location, size, demographics.

  • Page categorization
    Type of product, service or location brand.
    Type of entertainment, genre, format, etc.
  • Special Sauce
    Probabilistic Matrix Factorization and Collaborative Filtering

Where do I Find Matches?

Find matches on your dashboard. Also, find matches at the bottom of your showcase page. Search also suggests relevant matches based on your search criteria.

How to Improve Matches

Matches can be improved in a number of ways. Most involve the type of detail you provide and your frequency on HOLLYFY. Adjust your showcase page listings, page categorization and audience settings to improve your matches.

Tips to improve matches:

Each listing has the opportunity to provide a match. Detailed listings provide more accurate matches. (eg/ Type of brand/entertainment you’re looking for, type of integration you desire, price/budget range)…all these factors adjust the algorithms for better matches.

Target Audience:
Accurate demographics, size and location of your target audience set on your showcase page. Be honest. Keep it accurate and your probability increases. Factually inaccurate data may be surfaced by bots and decrease your ranking.

Page details:
Overview section of your showcase page improves matches. Accurate categorization, description, and links help align you with relevant matches.

ShortList your favorites:
ShortListing your favorite pages provides the owner of that page a subtle acknowledgement of interest and teaches the algorithm of your interests.

Login frequently:
Each day you login matches can be generated (depending on how many listings are on your showcase page)

Our ML models are constantly evolving. Keep checking in for more advancements.

HOW-TO • General

Showcase Page & Listings

Represent your brand or entertainment with a Showcase Page & Listings. Update images, description, official links and listings to reflect your objectives.

How-to • General

Your Audience

How audience size, location, and demographics impacts pricing.

HOW-TO • General

ShortList your Favorites

Tap the ♥ button on their page…save for later.

HOW-TO • General

Search & Dashboard

HOLLYFY search & dashboard match you with potential partners, keep you informed of in-progress tasks, help manage collaborations, and guide you through branded entertainment, influencer marketing & product placement integrations.

? SuperStars. The greats always shine brightly. Learn how to become a SuperStar.

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