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Mark Project Complete

    When both parties agree that all the tasks have been completed in the project’s status column, both Mark Project Complete, and funds are distributed. This is an easy way to hold both parties accountable while simultaneously aligning mutual interest. Since both have already agreed that small tasks have been completed, then it’s much easier to agree that the entire project is complete.

    Release of Funds

    Simple requirement: both parties tap the Mark Project Complete button found in your Showcase Page > Transactions > In-Progress > Integration > Tasks tab.

    Funds move from escrow to the Creator’s HOLLYFY wallet.

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    How-to • Transactions

    Your HOLLYFY Wallet

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    How-to • Transactions

    Assign Tasks

    Organize transactions into simple steps to be completed by either party.

    How-to • Transactions

    What are Task Autofills?

    Task autofills help you to set a checklist of steps and pre-define task settings which you can use, modify, add-to, or rearrange to guide transactions to completion.

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