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Maintain SuperStar Status

    Kudos! You’ve reached SuperStar status. You’re truly a power player. But here’s how you maintain SuperStar status on HOLLYFY. Keep your special privileges and reap the rewards of your ongoing efforts.

    Each quarter (3 months) we review SuperStar pages. During each assessment period, we’ll find out if a page has hit all the goals noted below. If so, they’ll continue powering on as a SuperStar. If they miss a goal, they’ll lose the title.

    SuperStar Quarterly Goals:

    • 8 Active Listings: Maintain eight listings on your page.
    • Share Showcase Page: Share your Showcase Page on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.
    • 1 Transaction: Complete at least one transaction per quarter.
    • Give 20 ShortLists: ShortList at least twenty other pages.

    Superstar status has its perks. Keep your status going.


    • Dealflow: SuperStars typically get more transactions
    • Rank Order: Increased probability ranking 
    • Access: Gain access to exclusive projects
    • Prominence: Higher engagement


    • Unlocks: Unlock hidden features
    • Loot: Loot drops from physical merch to digital promos
    • Status: Moniker and privilege 

      Keep it up. You’re a star!

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