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How do I Create or Edit a Task?

    Edit or create tasks from your Showcase Page > Transactions > In-Progress section. Tap the specific integration, go to the Tasks tab and view which tasks are available or Add a Task.

    How to Edit Tasks

    1. Go to Tasks tab, tap the label of the Task you wish to edit. 
    2. Review popup details of the task.
    3. Type: Deliverable, Requirement, General
    4. Label (What’s the primary directive of the task?)
    5. Notes (optional)
    6. Owner: Them, You, Both
    7. Due Date (optional)
    8. Save

    When Status of all Tasks is complete then, tap the Mark Project Complete to finalize and release funds to the creator.

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    How-to • Transactions

    Mark Project Complete

    When both parties agree, both mark project complete, and funds are distributed.

    How-to • Transactions

    What are Task Autofills?

    Task autofills help you to set a checklist of steps and pre-define task settings which you can use, modify, add-to, or rearrange to guide transactions to completion.

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