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How do I Create a Profile?

Simple. Use basic information to ensure you accurately represent yourself.

Your Profile:

  1. First / last name.
  2. Job title
  3. Company name
  4. Work email address.
  5. Image. Upload an image of your company’s logo.

IMPORTANT! Check your email folders and mark HOLLYFY emails as Add Star or Mark as Important. You will receive matches, offers, proposals and suggestions to help you succeed. Check SPAM folder.

What profile image should I use?

Use your company logo for your profile image.

Square/circular image no larger than 400kb.

Dimensions: 390×390 px

File type: .jpg or .png

Images get more engagement.

How-to • General

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) adds an extra level of security to your account, helps protect your information, and payment methods.

HOW-TO • General

Showcase Page & Listings

Represent your brand or entertainment with a Showcase Page & Listings. Update images, description, official links and listings to reflect your objectives.

HOW-TO • General

Add or Edit Images

Learn how to upload a few high resolution images to attract collaborators.

HOW-TO • General

Search & Dashboard

HOLLYFY search & dashboard match you with potential partners, keep you informed of in-progress tasks, help manage collaborations, and guide you through branded entertainment, influencer marketing & product placement integrations.

? SuperStars. The greats always shine brightly. Learn how to become a SuperStar.

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Home 9 Help Center 9 General 9 How do I create a profile?
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