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Contacting Creators

Contacting Creators is as simple as sending them a quick message on HOLLYFY to let them know you’re interested in their content or a listing. 

Before a Collaboration

Check out the Showcase Page or listing(s) and tap Message to send a message. Ask about specific details, audience demographics, timeline, integration considerations…

After your offer is accepted

If you have an accepted offer, you can reach the Creator by going to Transactions > In-Progress, find the integraion, and provide comments in the comments sections there. This area provides contextual messages related to that specific integration.

After your collaboration is completed

Need to follow up with a Creator post-collaboration? You can send a message to your Creator via chat widget (which can be accessed from their Showcase Page).

How-to • General

Contacting Advertisers

If you want to find out more about a listing, brand, or advertising objectives before sending a proposal, you can message the advertiser on HOLLYFY.

How-to • General

Messaging with suspended or inactive users

You must be logged in to your HOLLYFY account to read or send messages. Depending on the nature of the situation, the suspended user and their messages may…
How-to • General

Why we review messages on HOLLYFY

We remove text from messages when our system detects words or numbers that might include sensitive information or violate our terms of service.
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