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Write an Overview for a Proposal

(aka Creative Brief)

What to include when writing an overview (how you’ll feature the brand) paragraph prior sending a proposal.

The campaign strategy of your overview includes all the details of how you’ll feature the brand. In this section, you discuss the following components of your plan:

  • Project purpose: The purpose of this project is to…

  • Specific message you will communicate

  • Mandatory elements that will appear / be communicated (e.g./ logo, show product clearly, mention brand name at least 3 times, cite company’s website, no negative positioning, etc.)

  • Minimum screentime
  • Deliverables

Example (copy & paste if you’d like):

  • Project purpose: The purpose of this project is to feature HOLLYFY to our audience and generate curiousity, interest and signups to your platform.

  • Specific message: We will mention how HOLLYFY makes brands famous and empowers creators.

  • Mandatory elements:
    – Show HOLLYFY.com landing page on clearly on a mobile phone
    – Mention HOLLYFY brand name at least 3 times
    – Mention “Go to HOLLYFY.com”
    – No negative connotations

  • Minimum screentime: Show logo clearly in 2 scenes (each for minimum 3 seconds)

  • Deliverables:

    • 2 unique social media posts each week for 4 weeks

    • 5-7 unique video clips, 30 seconds or less, each week

    • 2 videos, one to two minutes in length, each week

    • Photo holding phone with HOLLYFY landing page (6 month usage rights)

    • Guest blog article written by us

    • Allow HOLLYFY to repost our content

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