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Write an Overview for an Offer

(aka Creative Brief)

What to include when writing an overview (creative brief) paragraph prior sending an offer.

The campaign strategy of your brief includes all the details of how content creator is going to help you reach your goals. In this section, you discuss the following components of your plan:

  • Project purpose: The purpose of this project is to…

  • Specific message you want communicated

  • Mandatory elements that must appear / be communicated (e.g./ logo, show product clearly, mention brand name at least 3 times, cite company’s website, no negative positioning, etc.)

  • Minimum screentime
  • Deliverables

Example (copy & paste if you’d like):

  • Project purpose: The purpose of this project is to feature HOLLYFY to your audience in the style you’re best known for.

  • Specific message: Mention how HOLLYFY makes brands famous and empowers creators.

  • Mandatory elements:
    – Show HOLLYFY.com landing page on clearly on your mobile phone
    – Mention HOLLYFY brand name at least 3 times
    – Mention “Go to HOLLYFY.com”
    – No negative connotations

  • Minimum screentime: Show logo clearly in 2 scenes (each for minimum 3 seconds)

  • Deliverables:

    • 2 unique social media posts each week for 4 weeks

    • 5-7 unique video clips, 30 seconds or less, each week

    • 2 videos, one to two minutes in length, each week

    • Photo holding phone with HOLLYFY landing page (6 month usage rights)

    • Guest blog article written by you

    • Allow HOLLYFY to repost your content

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