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Off-Platform Policy

By collaborating on HOLLYFY, you agree to abide by our terms and policies, including our Terms of Service, which we reserve the right to enforce at our sole discretion. In the event of repeated or severe violations, we may suspend or permanently deactivate a person’s account.

In order to protect our community and business, the following behaviors are prohibited:

Taking business off of the HOLLYFY platform for new, partial, or future integrations

    • Contacting potential advertisers or creators prior to engaging in transactions on HOLLYFY to move the integration off of HOLLYFY (ex: offering discounts to collaborate off of HOLLYFY).
    • Asking users to fill out forms, or call, email, or otherwise contact you via a non-HOLLYFY communications service prior to accepting an offer or proposal.
    • Canceling existing full or partial integrations and having partners work off of HOLLYFY.
    • Asking or encouraging users to transact outside of HOLLYFY for repeat or future integrations
    • Including links or embedding buttons (ex: footers, headers) that take people off of HOLLYFY to another website in any messages to users.

    Asking users for, or using, contact or identity information in ways unrelated to their integrations, or that compromise the quality of their stay

    • Asking users for contact information prior to transacting; all communications prior to transacting must be on HOLLYFY.
    • Soliciting users for their email, mailing address, or other communications channels using the HOLLYFY messaging system or email alias after an offer / proposal.
    • Asking users to send photos of their government ID prior to collaboration except where required for legal or compliance reasons as outlined below.
    • Asking for or using users’ contact information to settle additional payments outside of HOLLYFY’s platform; all payments related to an integration, including extensions of terms (and besides exceptions identified below), must go through HOLLYFY.
    • Using contact information provided by HOLLYFY for other purposes that violate our Terms of Service.
    • Selling, sharing, or using contact information for marketing communications or signing users up for contact lists.


    • You may require additional contact/identity information if it is required for legal or compliance reasons and can be verified by a user upon request by HOLLYFY (such as local laws, advertising compliance, FTC regulations). In such instances, users must include information about what is required and why in their page description, so collaborators understand this additional step is a requirement prior to making an offer / proposal. Users are responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable data privacy laws.
    • After accepting an offer, you may ask an advertiser / creator to confirm that the contact information provided by HOLLYFY is an appropriate way to get in touch during their integration or if the user requests an alternative form of communication.
    • You may use an alternative means of communicating with a user if requested by a user after the transaction begins (ex: chat app), however, you must ensure such communications comply with the other requirements of this policy.

    Taking people off of the HOLLYFY platform for feedback and reviews

    You may not ask users to review a showcase page on a non-HOLLYFY website or fill out a survey regarding a HOLLYFY integration on a non-HOLLYFY website (such as a form off of HOLLYFY) unless you are an approved partner. These actions take valuable input about a user’s experience away from the HOLLYFY community. We want users to share their feedback directly on HOLLYFY so that other users may benefit from their insights.

    Requiring users to access other websites or apps

    • Asking users to create a separate account or register on another website besides hollyfy.com for purposes of gaining access to a listing.
    • Asking users to install a third-party app to access a listing; all listings on HOLLYFY should be accessible to a user without requiring they have another app or account.


    • Additional registration or installation of additional apps is permitted where it’s required for legal or compliance reasons which a user can verify in writing upon request by HOLLYFY (such as local laws, FTC compliance, SEC rules). In such instances, users must include information about what is required, and why, in their public-facing page description, so users understand this additional step is a requirement prior to making an offer / proposal.
    • Communication apps and apps that facilitate an integration in-progress (ex: Slack, Teams, Zoom, Skype, Meet) as long as they are optional.

    While these guidelines don’t cover every possible scenario, they’re designed to offer general guidance on HOLLYFY’s community policies.

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