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Creator Reliability Standards

In addition to behaving in accordance with our Content Policy, Code of Conduct and Off-platform Policy, which apply to all community members, creators who collaborate on HOLLYFY must meet the following standards:

  • Respect advertiser schedules
  • Respect listings
  • Respect excessive demands

Our goal is to ensure that these standards are clear, and that our enforcement is proportionate to the severity and persistence of the violation.

HOLLYFY’s creator standards for projects

Respect the listing

Regardless of outcomes, we expect that all creators abide by the following standards during all of their HOLLYFY integrations

  • Start time: Creators should respect their advertiser’s start date. Any start date before or after the designated window should be approved by the advertiser.
  • Authorization: Creators should respect the pre-approved number of products/services—for content production — and should inquire with their advertiser if they’re unsure about the parameters.
  • Scheduling: Establish delivery dates, due dates, interim reviews, final delivery and other process oriented dates immediately to ensure completion in allocated amount of time.
  • Interim reviews and feedback: Critical to positive outcomes for both collaborators are reviews and feedback. Schedule interim reviews together and adhere to them to prevent delays or overages.
  • Due Date: Users should complete the tasks (as defined in the tasks flow of transactions) by the designated due indicated on the HOLLYFY transaction, and should not extend the project past the designated date without authorization from the other collaborator.
  • Product return: Some products may be lent out as a temporary loan for the content creation. Be sure to coordinate returns when indicated and agreed upon.

Respect Timelines

Creators represent the HOLLYFY community in all of their interactions both within pages / listings and during integrations. Creators should be mindful of the standards that, when violated, have a substantial impact on an advertisers’ experience on HOLLYFY, their business, and the company’s ability to promote the sale of their product or service:

  • Delays: Creators should notify the advertiser if delays may impact review meetings, content production requirements, or other scheduling considerations.
  • Excessive Demands: Mutual collaboration requires both parties to be upfront about requirements, schedules, barriers, deliverables, and other potentially excessive considerations.
  • Travel: In some situations travel may be required to complete the integration. Discuss these concerns (both cost, schedule and requirements) prior to establishing your transaction.

Respect your advertiser’s business

Each advertiser is unique. Many adhere to rigid budgets and timelines because slippage may impact their cashflow. Because of this, respect for their business is paramount to achieve seamless brand integrations.

Reporting a violation

HOLLYFY accepts reports directly from advertisers that contact us, as well as from their representatives.

If you are an advertiser who is dealing with a suspected or actual violation of these creator standards, we ask that you:

  • Communicate with your creator—this is often the quickest path to resolution.
  • Document the issue through HOLLYFY message thread correspondence.
  • Report any issues directly by contacting us.
  • Leave an honest review with feedback so that the creator can improve for future advertisers.

Holding creators to these standards

HOLLYFY encourages advertisers to promptly report violations of these standards. A reported violation of any of these standards is considered alongside past violations, which informs the enforcement decisions made by HOLLYFY. Reports are reviewed on both the severity and frequency of violations.

If it’s determined that a creator has violated these standards, we’ll provide information about the policy and warnings. Creators who frequently or severely violate these standards may be suspended or removed.

Tips for advertisers

We encourage advertisers to clearly outline expectations for creators in their listing, showcase page descriptions, through HOLLYFY message threads. It’s particularly important to specify rules around audience, delivery date, type of integration, task, and other due dates so we know what should be considered unauthorized under the policy.

Advertisers should be mindful of standard work weeks. HOLLYFY will only assist in enforcing rules that comply with HOLLYFYs Terms of Service and company policies.

While these guidelines don’t cover every possible scenario, they’re designed to offer general guidance on HOLLYFY’s community policies.

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