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Find Content Creators

Whether you’re looking for musicians, influencers, movies, TV shows, podcasts, bloggers, video games or more. The search tool helps you find entertainment creators who can feature your brand in their upcoming production, content creation, post, and more.

Branded Entertainment 101: The basics

As long as you enter the type of entertainment when searching on HOLLYFY, all pages & listings that show up should be available. To make sure the brand integration is just right, check out specific listings or details on the showcase page such as audience size, genre, launch date, and more. Once you find an entertainment creator you like, you may still have questions about it. You can contact the Creator to find out more or simply make an offer on their listing. Ask them about specific details, how your brand will be featured, or audience demographics since they are the best source for all details.

Search Categories

Entertainment creators are categorized by their medium first… such as a movie or music. Then, the genre of that entertainment… such as drama or comedy. Each entertainment creators is represented by their Showcase Page which has listings of the types of brands they want to feature.

Search Listings

Second, you can search by listings. Listings come into search from the creators page. They’re the desired price, how brand will be featured, and deadline date.

Search Contacts

Advanced features help you find contact information.

Start Collaborating

Search for creators, ShortList ♥ your favorites, send messages, make offers on their listings. Easy as that. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step. 


ShortList your Favorites

Tap the ♥ button on their page…save for later.

HOW-TO • Advertiser

Make an Offer: What to do if You’re New

Learn about HOLLYFY’s transaction process, how to make an offer, confirm your integration, complete transactions with a Creator, and more.

HOW-TO • Advertiser

When you’ll Pay for a Transaction

Only pay when and if the creator accepts your offer. 


Creator Reliability Standards

Standards for Creators including more about accuracy, schedules, and communication.

SMBs (Small-Medium sized businesses), check out our SMB program for additional help.

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