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Your Guide to Becoming a Paid Influencer

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Machine learning helps map the types of products, locations, and other brands in your posts & videos with relevant brand advertisers who can fit seamlessly into the content you create. 

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Step-by-Step Setup Guide

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Want to get begin but not sure where to start? Check out the official HOLLYFY guide for creators and get step-by-step hints on everything from creating your listings to how brand integrations usually work.

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What can be monetized:

Almost any recognizable brand seen or mentioned in a post or on-screen.

Possibilities are endless. If there’s a product or logo in a post, and your audience aligns with the advertiser’s audience, it probably has value.

Logo in Photo

Share a great photo of your favorite brand’s logo.

Video of product

Post a video featuring your favorite product.

Photo of product

Post a great photo of your favorite product.


Post a longer testimonial describing the benefits of your favorite brand.

Brand name in text

Mention and tag your favorite brand in an interesting post.

Blog mention

Mention and tag a your favorite brand in a blog story.

Article mention

Mention and tag your favorite brand in a news article.

Audio mention

Mention your favorite brand during a podcast or other audio content in a post.


Choose Your Format 

After signing up, simply choose the format where your influence is most prominent.

Audience Size Matters

Audience size, location and demographics matter to advertisers.

More Detail, More Matches

Matches are served based on the quality of your listings, page details and audience details.

Be Accurate

Advertisers will ask for audience statistics before and after brand integration.

Payments Your Way

Charge what you want

You always get to pick your price. Need help? We have tools and services to help you match demand in your market.

Pay low fees

There’s no cost to sign up. HOLLYFY charges for upgrades and add-on services. We stay out of the transaction so you keep more money.

Get paid on your terms

Once you and an advertiser approve the deal, we can provide helpful tools, tips and assistance if you need. 

More about Monetizing 

Create a Showcase Page

How to create a page that attracts advertisers.


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Negotiate Your Pricing

How to justify the cost of your integration.


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Getting Paid

How you make money on HOLLYFY.


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Easy As 1…2…3…

Connecting with advertisers is easier than ever. Simply follow these helpful hints to make the most out of your HOLLYFY experience.

1) Login weekly to your HOLLYFY account.

2) Keep your listings up-to-date.

3) ShortList (favorite) brands that interest you.



Add-On Features

Helpful resources designed to achieve your marketing objectives. Additional listings, page creation, account management, advertising services, and more.

Concierge Service

Want us to do the work for you? Add concierge service to your showcase page. A dedicated representative will work with you to manage your account.

Want more?

Simply add what you need.

Control your Content

Convenient Communication 

If you want to ask questions, negotiate terms or set expectations before working with an advertiser, you can communicate with them in advance using our secure messaging tool.

Your Content, Your Rules

To help set expectations upfront, you can let advertisers know of certain topics, narratives or posts you won’t do. For example, you might be vegan and won’t endorse animal products.

Integration Requirements

You can require that every advertiser provide verification to HOLLYFY before booking with you. You’ll also have the opportunity to review integrations in advance or add extra controls over who you want to work with.

Global Advertising Media Spending

$757 billion
by 2021*
Your questions answered

For more helpful suggestions, best-practices, optimizations, content guidelines, responsibilities and general knowledge...visit our help center.

Who can be a HOLLYFY influencer?

It’s easy to become a HOLLYFY influencer in most areas, and it’s free to create an account. Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, LinkedIn professionals, and celebrities on social media are just a few of the influencers who have shared on HOLLYFY.

How should I choose my listing’s price?

The price you charge for your integration listing is completely up to you. To help you decide, you can use your audience size, audience engagement and audience demographics to justify your pricing. (eg/ more attentive viewers = higher the price).

How much does it cost to list my account?

Signing up for HOLLYFY and listing your account is FREE.

Add-on features, additional listings and other services help us cover the cost of running of the business.

Can HOLLYFY help me with setting prices?

HOLLYFY’s concierge service works with you to set your prices for optimal results. Simply add the service to any page after signing in.

You’re always responsible for your price, so concierge service makes suggestions, and you can adjust prices any time.

What is required of advertisers before reserving the brand integration?

We ask everyone who uses HOLLYFY for a few pieces of information before they earn verification status. Advertisers are recommended to have this info filled out before they can make an offer. This info helps make sure you know who to expect, and how to contact the advertiser.

HOLLYFY’s requirements for verification include:
• Full name
• Email address
• Confirmed phone number
• LinkedIn verification
• Agreement to terms of use
• Payment information

Advertisers are expected, but not required, to have a verified account. You may also require advertisers to provide verification before reserving the brand integration.

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