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What We Offer

Ad Agency

Full service ad agency: campaigns, SEM, OOH, social, digital, print, design, copywriting, account management, production, and more.

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Fractional Ad Creatives

Hire remote creatives from top-tier agencies to contribute up to 10, 20, or 40 hrs/wk. Best way to access quality talent while maintaining a budget.

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Product Placement

Managed service finds entertainment productions that will feature your brand inside their scenes. We then negotiate, implement, and track results.

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Influencer Marketing

Managed service finds influencers that will post about your brand on their social feeds. We then negotiate, implement, track results and repeat.

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Ad Agency Process

Agency services to meet your marketing needs.


Implement cohesive messaging across an array of media outlets. 


Bespoke ad content creative that aligns with your brand ethos.


Quickly deploy & test content in media for optimal RoAS.


Adapt content & messaging via multi-variate testing methods.


to attentive audiences

Be an Insider, not just an Outsider

Boost brand awareness by getting your brand featured inside the scenes of movies, music videos, TV shows, video games, song lyrics, celebrity influencers, blog articles, podcasts, and more. Reach your target market when they’re most attentive.

Manage Public Perception

Control people’s perception of your brand with entertainment.

Perpetual Reinforcement

Brand integrations in productions often last forever. Unlike fleeting media.

Word-of-Mouth Catalyst

Exponentially multiply brand relevance and brand awareness.

Collaborate with Content Creators

Get your brand featured in: music videos, influencer content, TV shows, movies, video games, and more.


Represent your Brand

Add a showcase that reflects your advertising objectives.

ShortList Favorites

Tap the on content creator pages. Start a conversation.

Make an Offer

Suggest terms of a collaboration with a variety of contents creators.

Mark Complete

Payment is sent only when both parties agree on brand integration.

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Benefits of Branded Content

Brand awareness with attentive audiences


Subconsciously remind viewer to consider your brand.


Contextual relevance in scenes establishes positve behavior.


Affinity & brand loyalty are reinforced with visual cues.

Product Placement

Brand awareness within the context of entertainment.

Product Placement in

Music Videos

Have your brand (product, location, or service) featured by musicians, worn by musicians, mentioned in song lyrics, have signage in a scene, and more.

Charli D'Amelio Dunkin Donuts


feature your brand

Have your brand (product, location, or service) featured by musicians, worn by musicians, mentioned in song lyrics, have signage in a scene, and more.

Coca-Cola New Coke Era Stranger Things

Product Placement in

TV Shows

Get your brand mentioned by the show’s characters, foreground product placement, in-scene advert signage, or even have an episode written with your brand featured prominently in the plot.

Wilson Tom Hanks Castaway

Product Placement in


Have movie productions feature your brand in the plot, get mentioned by a character, or foreground placement in a scene.

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Try Managed Service

Specialist(s) source and engage with content creators that align with your marketing. 

Collaboration Platform
Influencer Marketing & Product Placement
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