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Launch a Showcase Page

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Why use HOLLYFY?

Regardless what form of entertainment or content you create, HOLLYFY makes it easy and lucrative to work with advertisers. You’re in control of your production, prices, integrations, and how you interact with brands. More reward. Less effort.

Fund Production
with product placement in your scenes
visual brand integration
Products and Locations

Monetize ANY object, service or location in ANY scene. (apparel, food, beverages, electronics, restaurants, decor, furniture, and more)

dialogue brand integration
Character Dialogue

Mention a brand name in character dialogue, by a narrator or even in song lyrics.

on-screen advertising
Signage & Billboards

Billboards, posters, ambient signs, title cards, and other on-screen artwork with brands.

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Types of Brand Integrations

How a brand is featured inside the content.

What is Integration Type

Storyline Integration

Seamless brand integration inside the entertainment content designed specifically for the brand. Storyline integration is the weaving of a brand into the existing plot/storyline of film, TV show, video game, music video or social influencer content.

Brand is Essential to the Plot

Each good story has an arc, where you introduce characters or scenarios, followed by a conflict or problem, which then leads to a resolution. Branded storylines involve a plot that develops throughout the narrative, in order to make the brand itself feel more emotionally connected to the situation.

Contextual Relevance

Create an emotional connection that you can’t get with interruptive adverts or legacy advertising media. 

Brand Used by Principal Cast

Apparel worn by leading characters, electronic devices held by lead roles, beverages consumed at a cafe, autos driven during a chase scene...the list is endless. 

If the principal cast uses a recognizable brand in a scene(s) it can have a monetary value. This is slightly different than storyline integration because it may not be relevant to the overall plot. 

Brand Used by Secondary Cast

Similar to principal cast. If your secondary cast (aside from extras) wears, holds, consumes, visits, or uses a recognizable product, logo or brand this can have monetary value. 

This is slightly different than storyline integration because it may not be relevant to the overall plot. 

Foreground Placement

Branded foreground placement happens when objects are recognizeable within the composition of the shot. They are often closest to the camera and in focus. Unlike objects further from the camera that may be obstructed by other elements in the scene.

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Background Placement

Branded background placement occur when recognizeable brands are placed within the composition of the shot, but often further from the camera. These tend to be larger objects.

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Visual Integration

Brand name or product is recognizeable and often integrates seamlessly into the composition of a scene. These integrations allow set designers and art directors to stage every scene with realistic products (rather than generic products).

Audio Integration

Brand mentions. These allow screenwriters to integration into character dialogue. Brand (or product name) can be mentioned by a variety of characters.

Mention by Principal Cast

Character dialogue can also hold monetary value when a company name, product name, brand name, or product description is integrated into the conversation of the primary characters.

While this is similar to 'Storyline Integration' the distinction is whether the mention of this brand is integral to the plot of the story.

Mention by Secondary Cast

Similar to mentions by principal cast, character dialogue of secondary characters can also hold monetary value when a company name, product name, brand name, or product description is integrated into the conversation.

While this is similar to 'Storyline Integration' the distinction is whether the mention of this brand is integral to the plot of the story.

Mention by Narrator

Similar to mentions by principal or secondary cast, narrator dialogue can also hold monetary value when a company name, product name, brand name, or product description is integrated into the conversation.

While this is similar to 'Storyline Integration' the distinction is whether the mention of this brand is integral to the plot of the story.

Signage, posters, or billboards

Another way to integrate branded messaging into a scene is by showcasing material provided by the advertiser in a scene.

In modern society, numerous types of branded signage occurs. (eg/ outdoor billboards in Times Square, posters in windows of shops, neon beer signs in bars, table tent displays in restaurants,... the list is endless.)

These naturally occurring advertisements can be a source of revenue for a scene.

"Sponsored by..."

Title screens. These intro/exit screens can include supplemental marketing sponsorship funding.

Embedded Commercials

Similar to linear or streaming TV commercials, embedded commercials can occupy either a full screen takeover for set period of time or...a commercial that plays in the scene while other action occurs.

One of the primary differences compared to traditional TV commercials, is that these are embedded into the content and lasts the lifetime of the content. Which means views increase overtime versus a the fleeting :30 seconds of traditional media buys.


Posters, billboards, bus stops, murals, table tents, artwork,... Even, embedded TV commercials, videos, pre-rolls, title screens, sponsor screens.

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Matching Algorithms

Spend less time searching for brands that align with your existing script, storyboard, lyrics, or scene. Software serves up appropriate alignment matches based on your Showcase Page, target audience and listings (brand integration opportunities)About machine learning

3 Steps to Start
Launch Showcase Page

Share almost any type of entertainment production: Music videos, influencer accounts, metaverse, video games, movies, TV shows, blogs, podcasts, and nearly everything in-between.

Create Listings

Add listings for any type of brand in your scenes. Choose from thousands of types of brand categories. You define the terms, prices, and requirements for brands.

ShortList Brands

Once your listings are launched, qualified brands can reach out. You can also message them with any questions on search & ShortList them as well.

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Tips for Success
Update Page Weekly

Content creators are joining regularly. Keep your Showcase Page content and listings current and you’ll get better matches.

Send Proposals

Find brand pages that interest you and send a proposal to work with them.

Message your Matches

Start messaging. Matches show common interest and partnerships are more likely.

Content Creator Search tool
Search for Brands
ShortList Your Favorites

Easy-to-use search filters makes finding the types of products, locations, services, and relevant brands a simple tap and go. When you find a brand that interests you, ShortList them (it sends them a notification) or tap thru to their listings and send a proposal.


Your questions answered

For more helpful suggestions, best-practices, optimizations, content guidelines, responsibilities and general knowledge…visit our help center.

Who can be a creator?

Influencers, musicians, filmmakers, streaming TV, video games, music videos, and celebrity social media are just a few of the productions creators have shared on HOLLYFY.

How to 'Price' a brand integration

Pricing is important!

More sales occur when prices are shown. This helps advertisers see the value you bring to them. Your content, your audience, how they’re featured…and for what price.

Close more deals.

General rule of thumb; use your audience size, previous engagement metrics, and audience demographics.

(FYI: more attentive viewers, higher the price).

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Signing up for HOLLYFY and launching your production or influencer account is easy.

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Mid-size productions or influencers, try the Professional plan.

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Pricing Plans

Can HOLLYFY do the work for me?

HOLLYFY’s concierge service works with you to set your prices for better results.

We can reach out to advertisers on your behalf.

Freeing up time for you to work on content creation.

Concierge service makes suggestions, and you can adjust prices any time.

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What is required of creators?

We ask everyone who uses HOLLYFY for a few pieces of information before they collaborate. This info ensures both parties know who they’re working with, and how to contact each other.

• Full name
• Email address
• Showcase Page with Listings
• Agreement to terms-of-use

Suggested (optional)
• Payment methods
• Two-factor authentication
• Profile picture


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