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Advertising has Evolved.

Evolve your Advertising Agency

Attentive audiences are difficult to reach with interruptive advertising techniques. Branded entertainment / product placement cuts thru the clutter. Boost brand awareness, modify public perception, and harness brand relevance. Add branded entertainment into your marketing mix.

Manage multiple clients & brands:

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Ad Agencies Access Entertainment Creators

Manage Multiple Brands

Enterprise plan was built to enhance advertising agencies. Empower your firm with capabilities to manage multiple clients each with various advertising goals.

Set your Budget Range

Choose how much a brand integration is worth to elevate your client’s brand awareness. Need help? We have tools and services to help you meet your advertising objectives.

Get Relevant Matches

Machine learning matches the listings, audience and content for each brand with relevant entertainment creators. Simply add details.

Boost Brand Awareness

Celebrities, influencers, product placement and branded content propel brand’s into cultural zeitgeist. Easily get branded entertainment at scale across multiple forms of entertainment without middlemen.

Generate Word-of-Mouth

Amplify the talk value of every brand you manage. Get multiple entertainment properties to talk about your brand in their upcoming productions.

Negotiate on your Terms

Collaborate with entertainment creators, review/approve the deal, use our helpful tools, tasks, tips, hints, and assistance to make it easier.

Harness the Influence of Entertainment

Boost advertising campaigns with influencers, music videos, TV shows, movies, video games, podcasts, song lyrics, even bloggers.

Brand Awareness: Harness the influence of entertainment for your clients. Manage multiple clients remotely in one place, add multiple users to your team, and simplify the process to source, collaborate, track integrations and accept proposals.

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Why Be an Outsider
When You Can Be an Insider
Make your brand part of the storyline so nothing can come between you and your audience. Brand integrations in music videos, influencer content, TV shows, movies, video games, and metaverse content generate word-of-mouth in perpetuity. They’re more effective in driving recall, affinity and purchase intent than legacy adverts.
  • Music Videos 100% 100%
  • Song Lyrics 100% 100%
  • TikTok Influencers 100% 100%
  • Instagram Influencers 100% 100%
  • YouTube Influencers 100% 100%
  • Movie Productions 100% 100%
  • Broadcast TV 100% 100%
  • Streaming TV 100% 100%
  • Celebrities 100% 100%
  • Video Games 100% 100%
  • Metaverse 100% 100%
  • Fashion blogs 100% 100%
  • Travel blogs 100% 100%
  • Tech blogs 100% 100%

Benefits of HOLLYFY

Amplify Ad Campaigns

Support advertising campaigns or use these brand integrations to create new campaigns. Leverage the influence of entertainment to amplify word-of-mouth talk value and influence the cultural zeitgeist surrounding brand perception.

Boost Brand Awareness

HOLLYFY simplifies branded entertainment and advances your advertising marketing mix with next generation features and machine learning.

Wide Range of Entertainment

Open access platform gives you the ability to work with a wider range of entertainment creators from movies to influencers.

Next-Gen Advertising

Attentive audiences and efficacy are paramount for brand consideration, awareness and relevancy. Power multiplier.




Controlled by You


Expanding Reach

How to Start
Create page (brand)
Launch a Showcase Page

Attract content creators.


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Create listing (brand)
Create Listings

Select entertainment types.


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matching algorithms
Matching Algorithms

Simplify discovery of relevant partners.


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Your questions answered

For more helpful suggestions, best-practices, optimizations, content guidelines, responsibilites and general knowledge...visit our help center.

Who can be an advertiser?

Got a brand name. You're an advertiser.

It’s easy to use HOLLYFY for advertising. Simply launch your showcase page with listings.

Apparel, automotive, beverages, restaurants, CPG (consumer package goods), electronics, sporting goods, e-commerce, jewelry and more are just a few of the brands that have already shared on HOLLYFY.

Marketers & advertisers in numerous industry verticals find branded entertainment a net benefit to drive sales.

Budget range on listings?

Budget range is important.

This helps creators map their audience size/demographics to your marketing goals.

The budget and amount you spend on your integration is completely up to you. To help you decide, use audience size, engagement metrics and demographics to rationalize fair pricing. (eg/ demographics + engagement + size = more budget).

Think of it like buying a house.

Understanding basic budget parameters leads to reaching objectives faster.

Cost of doing business?

Startups and new brands; try Basic (free) plan to get familiar.

Managing established brands, multiple brands (or, you're a power user) upgrade to a professional or enterprise account for more features.

Membership settings (in Account Settings).

Pricing Plans

What about small businesses?

We've helped thousands of small businesses increase brand awareness.

Less complicated and more effective than traditional advertising.

Start by collaborating with influencers who will feature your brand in and drive engagement (to your website/e-commerce, social accounts, Amazon purchases, or storefronts)

If you need help, try our Managed Service program.

What is required?

We ask everyone who uses HOLLYFY for a few pieces of information before they collaborate. This info ensures both parties know who they're working with, and how to contact each other.

• Profile info
• Email
• Showcase Page with Listings
• Agreement to Terms-of-Use

Suggested (recommended)
• Two-factor authentication
• Phone
• Payment methods
• Profile picture

Ready to get started?

Empower your Ad Agency

Branded entertainment can transform the capabilites you provide for your clients. Amplify ad campaigns, modify brand perception, change the cultural zeitgeist, mold minds… Match with entertainment creators and expand your marketing ecosystem exponentially.

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