Brand Ambassador Program

Get 30%, Give 20%
for Every New Referral

Earn 30% for every content creator or advertisers that uses your promo code. They’ll also get 20% off their membership.

Share your Promo Code

Post videos/images with your promo code.

They Join with Your Promo Code

We track when someone uses your promo code.

You Earn 30%, They Get 20% off

Earn 30% for each membership that signs up using your promo code. They will also get 20% off their membership.
Bonus: You’ll also get a free HOLLYFY membership

How it Works

  1. You have at least 10,000+ followers.
  2. Submit requested information.
  3. We review your social.
  4. Approved affiliates get a Promo Code & free membership.
  5. You share your promo code in videos or images.
  6. You get paid.


Who can become an ambassador?
Content creators, influencers, advertising agencies, freelancers, and anyone else that has access to an audience can benefit from HOLLYFY.
If your social media profile over 10k+ followers, you can earn passive income.


How are referrals tracked?
We use promo codes to track your referrals. When someone signs up with your promo code they get a discount on their membership plan, we track who uses your promo code, your payout happens up to 60 days after someone uses your promo code.


How often are payouts?
Payouts happen up to 60 days after someone uses your promo code.
What’s a Brand Ambassador?
Easy Way to Earn
Make Brands Famous
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