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Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT)

What is SAFT? 

A SAFT is a contractual investment agreement that involves the agreement of the authorized investors to finance a crypto developers’ project in exchange for discounted crypto tokens at a future date.

The contractual agreement, SAFT, is considered a security and falls under the U.S. securities regulations. However, the tokens transferred from the blockchain developers to the investors, under the SAFT, are not securities. Hence, they do not fall under the U.S. securities regulations as do the SAFT. They were created as a way to help new cryptocurrency ventures raise money without breaking financial regulations, specifically, regulations that govern when an investment is considered a security.

How to Buy SAFT

Accredited Investors request the SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) pdf by  submitting the online form on this page.

You will then receive (and return):

  1. A completed and signed Purchaser Questionnaire and E-Signature Page, and
  2. All requested supplemental information and documentation, including the following:
  • For entity purchasers, a copy of the applicable organizational and authority documents (e.g., trust instrument, certificate of incorporation, certificate of formation, corporate resolutions, partnership agreement, operating agreement, plan documents, etc.).
  • For natural person purchasers, a copy of a driver’s license, passport or other government-issued form of identification.

Please upload all requested supplemental information and documentation in portable document format (“.pdf”).

SAFT. Media Tokens.
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