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20 Product Placements in TV Shows

From Lone Star Beer to John Deere. Product placement in TV shows drives revenue.

Stranger Things Coca-Cola product placement
Stranger Things


True Detective Lone Star Beer product placement
True Detective

Lone Star Beer

Breaking Bad Coca-Cola product placement
Breaking Bad


Succession Persol Sunglasses product placement

Persol Sunglasses

Family Guy M&M’s product placement
Family Guy


Black-ish Hyundai IONIQ 5 product placement

Hyundai IONIQ 5

Billions John Deere Tractor product placement

John Deer Tractor

Ozark Alienware : Dell product placement

Alienware / Dell

Chicago P.D. Dodge Charger SRT product placement
Chicago P.D.

Dodge Charger SRT

Cobra Kai Jack Link’s Beef Jerky product placement
Cobra Kai

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Grand Crew Brixton MFG. Company product placement
Grand Crew

Bixton MFG. Company

Yellowstone Bloomer Trailers product placement

Bloomer Trailers

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Coors Light product placement
It’s Always Sunny

Coors Light

S.W.A.T. 5.11 Tactical Watch product placement

5.11 Tactical Watch

Curb Your Enthusiasm Cheerios product placement
Curb Your Enthusiasm


Grown-ish Lacoste Men’s Pullover product placement


Young Sheldon Borden Diary Milk product placement
Young Sheldon

Borden Diary Milk

Archive 81 Fanta product placement
Archive 81


Blue Bloods New York Post product placement
Blue Bloods

New York Post

Swagger Beats Headphones product placement

Beats Headphones

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