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Managed Service

Hire a Specialist

Specialist will find advertisers, manage integrations, and report on progress.
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Access your customer portal to manage subscription payments and other related payments.

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Support Team

Schedule a meeting with the support team to discuss your project, account, progress, payouts, and more.

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If you prefer a manual invoice, please check with your integration specialist.

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How it Works

1) Hire Specialist

Your specialist aligns with marketing objectives (target market, timing, budget range, etc). Once onboarded, they will query our database, third-party databases, and other sources to achieve your goals.

2) Choose Brands

Select the type of advertisers(s) that will be featured in your content: (eg/ apparel, beverages, food, electronics, apps/websites, etc). Discuss other parameters, such as pricing with your dedicated specialist.

3) Set Prices

Set targets for your integrations (eg/ total amount & per integration). This is the amount that will be paid you the content creator. Your specialist will recommend how effectively target your raise.

4) Onboard

Your specialist will onboard to your process. Share your objectives, goals, and other production considerations. Assign a primary point-of-contact in your organization who can sign-off on deliverables.

5) Weekly Reviews

Schedule a weekly meeting cadence with your specialist. Your specialist will coordinate integration options, where to ship (or reimburse) specific brands/products/artwork, necessary contracts, timing, deliverables, expectations, and other imperatives.

6) Results

Share with your specialist specific distribution milestones, how the brand(s) will be featured (prominence, context, screentime, etc). As part of recieved products/funds you’ll be asked to provide these updates.

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