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Businesses big and small need all the time saving help they can get to grow sales. Let us match you with a wide variety of entertainment partners who are interested in helping you sell your product or service.

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  • Get approached 24/7/365 with new ways to advertise.
  • Start profiting from your own branded content.
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Get your brand inside entertainment scenes.

Brand Awareness

with attentive audiences

Easy, Powerful & Private

HOLLYFY is an easy to use advertising solution. It will help you to instantly start getting your brand in front of attentive audiences.

HOLLYFY will help you confidently start, manage and track branded entertainment and influencer marketing partnerships. We also keep your privacy in mind by allowing you to control your connects by granting and revoking their access to your page, listings, audience, details, and more based on your privacy settings.

Get Matched

with Relevant Entertainment Productions

Artificial Intelligence powered by Google TensorFlow & Amazon SageMaker helps align your brand with the types of products, locations, service, etc in the scenes of relevant entertainment productions. This helps your brand fit seamlessly into the storyline. Learn about AI ›

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

We make it easy

Want to get begin but not sure where to start? Check out the official HOLLYFY guide for advertisers and get step-by-step hints on everything from creating your listings to how brand integrations usually work.

Match with Productions

who can get your brand in the storyline
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How your brand gets awareness:

Be an insider, not an outsider.

Increase word-of-mouth and boost sales. Attentive audiences watch movies, TV shows, music videos, song lyrics, influencer posts, play video games and more. This all starts by creating a simple, yet powerful listing.

Music Videos

Featured in scenes, on set, worn or used by musicians.

Song Lyrics

Get your brand name featured in song lyrics by musicians.

Character Dialogue

Character or narrator talking about your brand name or conveying your brand’s message featured in a scene.

TV Storyline

Contextually relevant to the theme or plot of the show.


Billboards, posters, neon signs, murals, table tents, and other signage in scenes.

Video Games

In scenes, used by characters, as storefronts or as signage.

Movie Storyline

Contextually relevant to the theme or plot of the show.

Product Placement

Get your brand, logo, or message in scenes, used by characters, as storefronts or as  signage.

Influencer Marketing

Celebrity social media accounts, posts, videos, blogs…


Create partnerships inside and outside of content creation for more effective marketing.

Setup for Success

Choose Your Brand’s Category 

Simply choose the category that best aligns with your brand. (eg/ Restaurant, Apparel, Beverage, Electronics, etc.)

Audience Demographics

Apply your target market (aka/ target audience) location and demographics. This helps match to relevant creators.

More Detail, More Matches

Matches are served based on the quality of your listings, page details and audience details.

Smart Advertising

Set your budget range

Choose how much a brand integration is worth for your brand awareness. Need help? We have tools and services to help you meet your advertising objectives.

Pay low fees

There’s no cost to sign up. Sign up is FREE. HOLLYFY charges for upgrades and add-on services. We stay out of the transaction so your budget goes towards your advertising goals. 

Negotiate on your terms

Once you and an entertainment creator approve the deal, we can provide helpful tools, tips and assistance if you need. 

More about Getting Started 

Create a Showcase Page

How to create a page that attracts creators.


Learn More  ›

Negotiate Your Integration

How to work effectively with creators.


Learn More  ›

Paying Creators

How you pay entertainment creators.


Learn More  ›

Login Weekly 

Connecting with creators is easier than ever. Simply follow these helpful hints to make the most out of your HOLLYFY experience.

1) Login weekly to your HOLLYFY account.

2) Keep your listings up-to-date.

3) ShortList (favorite) entertainment productions.


Add-On Features

Everything to help you achieve your objectives. Additional listings, page creation, account management, advertising services, and more.

Concierge Service

Want us to do the work for you? Add concierge service to your showcase page. A dedicated representative will work with you to manage your account.

Want more?

Simply add what you need.

Control your Content

Convenient Communication 

If you want to ask questions, negotiate terms or set expectations before working with a creator, you can communicate with them in advance using our secure messaging tool.

Your Brand, Your Budget

To help set expectations upfront, you can let creators know what you expect to achieve with your budget. (eg/ screentime, prominence, context and even reporting post air date)

Integration Requirements

You can require that every creator provide verification to HOLLYFY before working with you. You’ll also have the opportunity to review integrations in advance or add extra controls over who you want to work with.

Global Advertising Media Spending

$757 billion

by 2021*


Why Be an Outsider

When You Can Be an Insider

Make your brand part of the storyline so nothing can come between you and your audience. Brand integrations in TV, movies, song lyrics, music videos, video games and influencer posts generate word-of-mouth in perpetuity. They’re more effective in driving recall, affinity and purchase intent than skippable commercial adverts.


  • Movie Productions 100% 100%
  • Broadcast TV 100% 100%
  • Streaming TV 100% 100%
  • Video Games 100% 100%
  • Music Videos 100% 100%
  • Song Lyrics 100% 100%
  • Concerts 100% 100%
  • Celebrities 100% 100%
  • YouTubers 100% 100%
  • Instagram 100% 100%
  • Twitter 100% 100%
  • Facebook 100% 100%
  • Snapchat 100% 100%
  • LinkedIn 100% 100%
  • Fashion blogs 100% 100%
  • Travel blogs 100% 100%
  • Tech blogs 100% 100%


Smart Advertising

Attentive audiences and efficacy are paramount for brand consideration, awareness and relevancy. Partnerships are an exponential multiplier.

Wide Range of Entertainment

Open access system gives you ability to work with entertainment productions from blockbuster movies to specialized influencers.

Powered by Amazon & Google

Powerhouse capabilities like artificial intelligence, secure messaging, integration tracking, matchmaking, privacy settings and more give you control with the ease of the world’s leading technology platforms.

FREE – Pay only for add-ons and services

HOLLYFY simplifies media buying inside entertainment content and advances the advertising model with next generation features.




Controlled by You


Smart Advertising


Your questions answered

For more helpful suggestions, best-practices, optimizations, content guidelines, responsibilites and general knowledge…visit our help center.

Who can be an advertiser on HOLLYFY?

It’s easy to become an advertiser on HOLLYFY in most areas, and it’s free to create an account. Luxury cars, women’s apparel, fast food restaurants, headphones, and even chainsaws are just a few brands who have shared on HOLLYFY.

How should I choose my listing’s budget range?

The budget range for your integration listing is completely up to you. To help you decide, you can use type of integration, audience size, and audience demographics to negotiate final transaction. (eg/ more attentive viewers = higher the price).

How much does it cost to list my account?

Signing up for HOLLYFY and listing your account is FREE.

Add-on features, additional listings and other services help us cover the cost of running of the business.

Can HOLLYFY help me with integrations?

HOLLYFY’s concierge service works with you to set your budget and types of integrations for optimal results. Simply add the service to any page after signing in.

You’re always responsible for your budget, so concierge service makes suggestions, and you can adjust term any time.

What is required of creators before reserving the brand integration?

We ask everyone who uses HOLLYFY for a few pieces of information before they earn verification status. Creators are recommended to have this info filled out before they can take an offer. This info helps make sure you know who to expect, and how to contact the creator.

HOLLYFY’s requirements for verification include:
• Full name
• Email address
• Confirmed phone number
• LinkedIn verification
• Agreement to terms of use
• Payment information

Creators are expected, but not required, to have a verified account. You may also require creators to provide verification before confirming the brand integration.


What is HOLLYFY?

HOLLYFY connects content creators with brand advertisers around the world. The community is powered by entertainment creators, who create original content and attract audience attention.  This unique opportunity benefits creators and advertisers alike.

What is brand integration?

You can earn money by placing brands inside the scenes of your content creation. What you create and how you interact with advertisers is completely up to you.

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